10 Creative Ways to Tell Your Girl You Love Her

10 Creative Ways to Tell Your Girl You Love Her

One of the most romantic things that you can do to show your girl that you love her is to say it out loud. This doesn’t have to mean that you propose or get married, but rather that you simply use your voice (or any other body part) to tell her exactly how you feel about her. Telling her that you love her doesn’t have to be limited to only one time and in only one way, either! Here are 10 creative ways that you can tell your girl how much you love her, so be sure to try at least one of them in the very near future!

1) The handwritten note

This isn’t as outdated as you might think. Many women still love a handwritten note! Grab a cute little card, write something sweet, and leave it on her bedside table. This is also a great idea if you don’t want to get too mushy—just grab some cutout hearts or stars from your scrapbooking stash and doodle a little message in between them. Not only does it look adorable, but she can actually use those for scrapbooking!

2) A snapshot of your favorite moment together

Everyone has a favorite moment from their relationship, so tell her what yours was. It doesn’t have to be a romantic moment—in fact, telling her about your funniest time together could lighten things up and let her know that you’re comfortable enough with one another to laugh at yourself. Just make sure it’s special for both of you!

3) A personalized playlist of songs about love and romance

It’s nice to let someone know you love them with a thoughtful gift, but it’s even nicer when that gift is thoughtfully made for them. While she may not actually sit down and listen to your playlist, there’s no doubt that it will bring her feelings of love and romance every time she sees it on her phone or computer. A personalized playlist may be one of the best ways to tell your girl you love her.

4) Heart-shaped rose petals on her bed or in her morning coffee

If you’re handy with tools, don’t be afraid to bring out a hammer, some nails and a handful of rose petals. Or if you have time on your hands, spend several hours cutting out little heart shapes from red card stock—it doesn’t have to be perfect!

5) A stack of ten dollar bills

This is a really fun way to tell your girl you love her. Write I love you on ten dollar bills, then fold each one into a triangle. At dinner time, place each bill in front of her plate and explain why each dollar represents what you mean when you say I love you.

6) A bouquet of flowers in the shape of a heart

While you’re out running errands, pick up a dozen roses and ask your significant other to help you make them into a heart shape. She’ll love that you put thought into an activity she would have done anyway.

7) Heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast (or brunch!)

Buy two heart-shaped pancake molds and create a breakfast that will express how you feel about your special lady. Better yet, serve it up with some strawberries (the original heart fruit). For added effect, eat in front of a mirror so she knows you mean business. If pancakes aren’t her thing, perhaps she would prefer chocolate or flowers instead? Here are more creative ways to tell her you love her without having to actually say it yourself.

8) A photo book featuring photos from every fun memory you’ve had together

If she likes photography, tell her you want to create a photo book documenting all of your fun memories together. After all, who doesn’t like looking back on their favorite memories? If you haven’t created your album yet, use Picaboo or Shutterfly, which offer free apps that allow you to put together an album in minutes with photos from Facebook and Instagram.

9) Write it all out on Post-it notes, then place them in random spots throughout your home

Start placing post-it notes in places you know she’ll find them. Under her coffee mug, on her steering wheel, or in her purse will all be great places for these sticky love notes. The idea behind leaving little love notes around is that it breaks up your traditional ways of telling your girl you love her and makes her feel special as she finds more and more of these tiny tokens of your affection.

10) Pick one extra thing (that’s not candy or flowers), and do that.

Writing a post is hard enough, so find an interesting angle that makes your content memorable and shareable. If you can tell her you love her in a creative way (and she doesn’t already know), she’ll remember it for years. Keep it simple: I love you is nice, but why not say it in Morse code?

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