10 Things to say to a girl that are sweet and flirtatious that will make her remember you.


Sometimes all it takes is a simple compliment to boost her self-esteem. It depends on the kind of relationship you already have, how at ease you are, and whether or not you are familiar with her. Below are words to tell her and can continue to think about them even when you are not around here.

1. Your smile is beautiful.

To flirt with a girl, all you need to say is one easy thing. She hears this one line over and over in her thoughts all day.

2. Are you generally this attractive or did you dress up for me?

The best method to encourage her to consider the possibility of you being a “thing” is to complement her while posing a question. Keep it straightforward and nonsexual to avoid the creepy zone.

3. You make me feel like I’m 18 all over again.

This is nice and hilarious, and it will make her feel as if she made an effect on you.

4. How does a girl like you manage to be single?

Tell her you’d take her in a heartbeat if her heart beats for you.

5. How do you feel about guys who first move?

"black couple kissing".
Only you can give that feeling.

While flirting, this is a sweet way to ask her how she feels about you. You can go for it if she likes it. Go for a kiss or ask her out.

6. You’ve got this way about you that makes everything better.

You’re suggesting that just being in her presence is healing and uplifting. Being recognized for merely existing is one of the most affirming experiences imaginable.

7. You’re Incredible In Ways I Can’t even Imagine.

You are saying that you have only scratched the surface of her brilliance and that you are eager to learn more as time goes on.

8. What Are You Most Thankful For In Life?

This is a very strong indication of her morals and her capacity to see the good in life. Does she see the world as half full or half empty? Which one are you, in turn? A woman with an endless list of appreciation is someone who has a strong emotional foundation. What Are You Most Thankful For In Life? This includes in Flirtatious words to tell a girl.

9. What is one thing you have done that you will never repeat?

Learn about her approach to handle her regret. Learn about her perceptions about her transformation. Discover her values. You’ll discover more about her strength in terms of her ability to grow from her mistakes. What is one thing you have done that you will never repeat?

10. If you aren’t involved, things aren’t fun.

Making it evident that her presence enhances whatever experience you have is one of the sweet things to say to a girl. That is to say, you are missing her. Always.

Making  girl feel loved is the best way to make her think about you even if you are not around her. Learn Flirtatious words to tell a girl. and see how things works like magic.



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