10 “Secret” Parts of a Kiss That Will Drive a Girl Wild

10 "Secret" Parts of a Kiss That Will Drive a Girl Wild

Having those butterflies in your stomach brought on by a well timed physical touch is the best feeling there is in intimacy. One of the simplest ways to show affection is through a kiss, which, when done well, can be mind-blowingly satisfying. Here are a few spots where you should kiss a woman to get her attention and make her want you.



The most straightforward place to kiss a woman’s neck if you want to turn her on is because it is a well-known erogenous zone. Start out gently if you want to tease her. Your lips should touch her neck. Nearing the nape, below and behind her ear is a highly recommended part of her neck to concentrate on. But don’t be hesitant to stray. When you’re ready to go all in, start using your tongue and teeth to make things really hot, really fast.


10 "Secret" Parts of a Kiss That Will Drive a Girl Wild
 10 “Secret” Parts of a Kiss That Will Drive a Girl Wild

There might not be a sweeter place for her feelings than this. What woman wouldn’t want to get a passionate kiss from a guy who appreciates her intellect? It is a powerful action that makes her legs weak and boosts her self-confidence significantly, according to Walsh.

She’ll appreciate it when you bring her close and plant one on her head after a long day at work even if it might not be the appropriate thing to do in the bedroom at that point—you’ll want to concentrate on other areas.


Due to the dense concentration of nerve endings at the tips of the fingers, even small pecks or protracted sucking motions can cause pain.

According to Dr. Landa, when you lick and suck her fingers, she gets a sense of your oral prowess and imagines what it would be like when you lick and suck her more private areas.


10 "Secret" Parts of a Kiss That Will Drive a Girl Wild
10 “Secret” Parts of a Kiss That Will Drive a Girl Wild

sucking on her nipples releases the hormone oxytocin, known as “the love hormone,” because it strengthens relationships. Nipple stimulation can transmit an impulse straight to a woman’s clitoris in some women, suggesting that the nipples act as a hotline to the genitals.

Remember that you can gain points by being affectionate to the rest of her breast as well.


Kissing a woman’s knees conveys both sexuality and admiration. Her feet, legs, hips, and, *ahem*, everywhere below the waist, give off this aura. It seems like worship to have her staring down at you while you are up there looking up at her. It seems as though you are admiring HER in all of her splendor. What could be more beneficial to her than that? Maybe it’s just that you’re at her knees, which gives you the perfect opportunity to slide your lips just a little bit north.


Due to the abundance of extremely sensitive nerve endings there, her ears may be quite sensitive to mild licking and sucking. most women are quite sensitive to auditory stimulus. So make sure to use the chance to whisper about how attracted you are to her and what you want to do to her once you finish nibbling on her lobes as you sucking her ear.

Another thing you may attempt to counterbalance the hot breath from your whispers is to purse your lips and blow cool air.


Lips come last but surely not least. Lip-on-lip kissing is a really undervalued pastime, to put it simply. Putting your face on another person’s face is about as intimate as it gets because it’s simple, timeless, and straightforward. Never underestimate the power of a good, old-fashioned kiss simply because you want to be more creative as well.


It goes without saying that this is both one of the best and most sexual places to kiss a woman. She will be more anticipatory of what comes next if you plant gentle kisses along this area and work your way up. Slowly pepper those kisses and sprinkle in a few licks as well. Additionally, you should probably be ready to fall on her after you’re done since by the time you’re done, she’ll be screaming like crazy.


Again, right below her breasts and on the way down to her genital area, the rib cage is a great place to kiss. Pressing your lips against this soft spot on her body adds an added layer of eroticism. As you do this, don’t be shocked if you feel her begin to wriggle wildly beneath you.

10. Clitoris

When you are here, you’ve reached the point of no return. Compared to a man’s penis, which only has 4,000 nerve endings, the clitoris alone has around 8,000.

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