10 Secrets to Playing Hard to Get with a Guy and Leave Him Smitten

10 Secrets to Playing Hard to Get with a Guy and Leave Him Smitten


Playing hard to get with men has many benefits and is one of the most effective techniques when dealing with guys, but it can be tricky to master. There are many different methods of playing hard to get with men, but each one can be broken down into two different categories; you either play hard to get by being selective or you play hard to get by just leaving him in the dust. This article focuses on how to play hard to get by being selective and how doing so will leave men absolutely smitten with you! Let’s start right away! 10 Secrets to Playing Hard to Get with a Guy and Leave Him Smitten

Secret 1: Have him prove himself

When it comes to playing hard-to-get, the best way is to make him work for you. Allow him into your life, but only so much. Hold back some of your time, attention, and affection until he’s proven that he deserves more. This way he’ll be more invested in the relationship (because it will take more effort) and you’ll have an easier time getting what you want out of him.

Secret 2: Give yourself a deadline

If you want to play hard-to-get, give yourself a deadline. If you know that you can’t be out of town for more than a day or two, tell him so up front. This will make him feel as if he’s got some time left before he loses the opportunity to date you. Plus, it gives him something else to do while he’s waiting for your response.

Secret 3: Ignore him (but don’t ignore him all the time)

Playing hard-to-get isn’t an excuse to ignore him all the time. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to keep his interest. Just don’t turn into the girl who never answers her phone. That will only make him think you’re not interested in talking, or that you’re too busy for him.

Secret 4: Make him wait

It’s so much easier for you to get what you want out of him when he has been waiting around for it, wondering if and when it will happen. If he texts you one morning, What are we doing tonight? reply back with, I’m not sure yet. He’ll be so excited by the prospect that he’ll probably spend the rest of his day figuring out how best to spend time with you.

Secret 5: Don’t give everything away right away

Don’t give everything away right away. Some people call this playing hard to get, but it’s really just about making him work for you. The more you give in, the less he’ll want you. If he can have you without trying, then what is the point of having him chase after you? Don’t answer every text or call right away. But don’t ignore him either.

Secret 6: Test him if he really likes you

If you have been dating a guy for a while and are not sure if he is interested in you, test him. Send him on an errand that will take him at least an hour away from you. If he makes every effort to come back quickly and doesn’t get offended or annoyed when you turn his offer down, then it is clear that he likes you enough to go through the trouble of getting back as soon as possible.

Secret 7: Be unavailable but not too much so

Being unavailable is an important part of playing hard to get. You don’t want him to be able to find you every time he wants, but you also don’t want him thinking that he can run into you at any point and get you. He needs the anticipation of seeing you again, and he needs the excitement of trying for something that doesn’t seem attainable.

Secret 8: Keep some mystery about you

One of the best ways to keep your guy interested is by keeping some mystery about you. How do you do this? You can start by not telling him everything on the first few dates. For example, don’t tell him where you work or what your major was in college right away. If he asks, say that it’s not important or tell him you’re not comfortable talking about it yet. This will pique his interest even more because now he’ll want to get to know these things about you!

Secret 9: Use mind games

Be unpredictable. One of the best ways to make a guy chase you is by giving him mixed signals. This will drive him nuts and he’ll want you even more than he already does. Just don’t mix up your feelings too much or else you’ll end up hurting yourself in the process!

Secret 10 Stay in your comfort zone

This may sound counterintuitive, but staying in your comfort zone is actually a good way to keep him interested. Men tend to respond well when you don’t seem too eager or available. When he sees that you have other interests outside of him, it will make him want you more. This doesn’t mean change the habits that make you feel happy and secure in yourself, but don’t initiate contact either.

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