10 signs your boyfriend is toxic and what you can do about it

10 signs your boyfriend is toxic and what you can do about it

 signs your boyfriend is toxic and what you can do

about it

Boys will be boys, and even good guys can end up being toxic boyfriends in the end. If you are currently dating someone or have recently broken up with someone, it’s important to learn how to spot the signs that someone might be toxic before it’s too late. Toxic relationships can drag you down if you don’t put your foot down and say no to bad behavior and habits, but when you know what to look out for, it’s easy to avoid getting involved with someone who will cause more problems than they’re worth.

1) He belittles you

It is never okay to belittle someone, especially in a relationship. If your partner insults or makes fun of you in any way, this might be a sign that they don’t respect you. You deserve to be treated with kindness, not put down because they have power over you. For example, if he doesn’t respect your opinion or doesn’t take into account how his actions affect other people, he might be toxic.

2) He sabotages you

He sabotages you. He’s jealous of the time you spend with other people, especially if he does not feel like he has a good connection with them. He might try to sabotage your relationships by telling those close to you embarrassing things about you or trying to turn them against you.
He’s controlling. He doesn’t want any other person in his life but himself, so he tries to control everything that happens in his world including how much time he spends with others and who he talks to.

3) He gaslights you

Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse where one person will make another feel like they are crazy. It’s most often associated with relationships, but it can happen in other contexts as well. One way to tell if someone might be gaslighting you is by looking at how they act when things go wrong. If they blame you for something, or try to make the other person believe that their feelings are wrong, then that could be a sign that they’re gaslighting the other person.

4) He brings drama into your life

He brings drama into your life. He’ll always have an opinion on who you should be with, how much makeup to wear, or if you should wear pants instead of a dress. Drama isn’t just limited to social media; he might make everything a competition, like whether you’re smarter than he is or if he’s prettier than his exes. If drama has become a major part of your relationship, it’s not healthy for either one of you.

5) He breaks promises

If he’s ever broken a promise, a red flag should be raised. He may have promised to be home at a certain time or promised to call when he gets there but he didn’t. These are the types of actions that show that he doesn’t care enough to follow through with his word. If this happens more than once, it’s likely that breaking promises will continue in the future. If this behavior persists, it may be best to cut ties with him before things get too serious.

6) He’s mean to people

He’s mean to people. He might call his friends names, or he might talk down to the waiter at the restaurant because their service wasn’t fast enough. Most of the time these behaviors are a result of insecurity. But they still show that he doesn’t respect anyone but himself. And if you don’t think he respects himself, why would he ever respect you?

7) He makes excuses for his behavior

He might make excuses for his behavior and try to convince you that he’s not a bad guy, but that doesn’t change the fact that his actions are unacceptable. If he apologizes for hurting your feelings or takes responsibility for neglecting you, then there might be hope for him. But if he continues to blame others, makes excuses for himself, or even worse, blames you for his behavior? It’s time to find someone else.

8) He’s possessive of his friends, family, and other women he dates

If he’s possessive of his friends, family, or other women he dates, this may be a sign of insecurity. He may fear that others will take away his power or love. It could also be a sign that he has trust issues. If so, this needs to be addressed before any serious commitment happens.
You are not the only one who deserves to be happy in a relationship; if he’s only looking out for himself, then this relationship isn’t sustainable.

9) He cheats on you

10 signs your boyfriend is toxic and what you can do about it
10 signs your boyfriend is toxic and what you can do about it

He had no issue with cheating on me. I went to his work one day to surprise him, and I saw him on the phone with another girl. When he hung up, I asked who she was. He told me she was just an old friend from high school he hadn’t talked to in a while. But then a few days later, my best friend told me that they’d been having a full-blown relationship for months behind my back. You deserve better than this guy; trust your gut!

10) The relationship itself is unhealthy

The relationship itself is unhealthy. The person you’re with may be giving off the wrong signals, but that doesn’t mean that they’re bad people. It just means that the relationship is not good for either of you. You might feel like you have to change yourself to please them or make them happy, but don’t fall into this trap. They’ll never appreciate or love the real you if they don’t even know who the real you is, which will only add more stress to an already unhealthy situation.

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