10 tell-tale signs that you’re dating a playboy

10 tell-tale signs that you're dating a playboy

There are some guys who have all the luck, but that’s not always the case. Some men just have an air of confidence and charm that draws in women left and right to fall in love with them! But if you’re one of the women who has fallen victim to such a man, then it’s time to do some self-reflection! Here are 10 tell-tale signs that you’re dating a playboy (and you should probably kick him to the curb).

1) He mentions ‘Daddy’ in bed

He talks about his dad in bed. If your man is constantly mentioning how much he misses his father and uses phrases like when Dad would do this or Dad always did this for me, then there’s a good chance he’s just an emotional, girlie guy looking for someone to replace what he doesn’t have at home.

2) He’s into voyeurism

When your date prefers to watch, but not join in. He likes to sit back and watch others in their most intimate moments. With some people, this is an occasional turn on; for others, it’s the norm. It’s important to be aware of these preferences as they are usually indicative of other traits. For example, people who like to watch voyeuristically may be more interested in objectifying the body than viewing the sensual experience from within.

3) He loves women’s lingerie

He loves women’s lingerie. If he can’t buy the lingerie for you, he’ll go out and buy it for himself. The lingerie will typically be stored away somewhere in his home or hidden in a closet somewhere. He may have an extensive collection of various bra sizes ranging from AA to C cups.

4) He buys  toys for both of you

A man who buys  toys for both of us is as happy in bed as he is at work. He’s willing to try new things and likely adventurous outside the bedroom, too. He’s game for an extended foreplay session (or all night long) and enjoys the satisfaction of giving oral just as much as receiving it. A man who buys toys for both of us has no need to put on a performance because he doesn’t feel threatened by my independence, success or intellect.

5) He loves role-playing games

Sometimes the trickiest things about knowing when someone is playing games is looking past the packaging and getting to know the person behind it. Sure, he might be charismatic, have an immaculate style, or have one hell of a sense of humor – but as time goes on and so does your relationship with him, there are ways to find out if he’s really in it for something other than just having fun.

6) His d is on overdrive all the time

Your date can’t seem to get enough of your body and wants to sleep with you as often as possible. They want sex all the time, morning, noon, and night; they don’t want you to sleep at all. Don’t say no–unless your really need some rest–cause if he’s this into you, it’s got to be for a reason!

7) He’s dominant

One of the best ways to know if you are with a playboy is the way he takes control in bed. He knows what he wants and expects it from you. Be prepared for him to take over your body, even if this isn’t something that is usually out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t matter who does what—he will have it his way or no way at all. This leads me to my next point…

8) He wants to watch another man be with his woman

It’s one thing to watch porn or fantasize about someone else. But if the person you are with wants to watch another man be with his woman, this might not just be a kink for him. This could signify more emotional problems, like low self-esteem and anger. Women need to evaluate their own worth and think twice before getting involved in a relationship where she is treated as an object by her partner who believes he needs to control her sexual behavior.

9) The three Bs – bondage, blindfolds and butt plugs!

Find out if your man has a hankering for BDSM by asking him about his bedroom preferences. Next, ask him about his sex toy favorites. What does he like to use when he fucks himself? If he gets turned on by more pain than pleasure, then it’s likely your man is into the kinky stuff.

10) He shares your kinks too!

Don’t be fooled by the handsome face, your new flame has every intention of moving on to the next one. He only cares about being nice for as long as it takes to get what he wants from you. Once he does, there’s no telling when or where he’ll show up again. You never know what to expect when it comes to him but the key is not letting him have too much power over your life.

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