10 telltale signs that you are in love

7 Ways To Become a Priority To Your Partner.

Are you unsure if you’re actually falling in love with someone? You’ve probably already questioned a close friend or member of your family about the warning indicators.

And if they’re like most people, their response was probably something like “you just know,” “it’s hard to describe,” or another evasive statement, all of which are obviously not very helpful.

But just as there is no fixed guideline for how long it takes to fall in love, there is also no defined method for determining whether the feelings you are experiencing are genuine. Some people recognize the sentiments in an instant, while others do so over the course of months or even years of modest actions.

Despite this, there are certain typical (and scientifically supported) signs that you’re probably falling in love, and we’re not referring to the all-pervasive “can’t eat, can’t sleep” sensations that indicate you’re living a true-to-life rom-com.

For instance, you could feel compelled to discuss even the most little details of your day with your partner, and you might find that their hobbies unexpectedly start to overlap with your own. Or, Maybe you start subtly changing your schedule so that you have more time with your lover.

Naturally, you could begin to wonder—or perhaps even daydream—about the time when your special someone would declare their love for you as well.


1. You’re excited and a little bit anxious.

You are actually happier when you are in love. It feels like a natural high. You’re genuinely excited about spending time with your lover, and even perusing the countless selfies you’ve taken together makes you smile cornily.

However, being in love also causes you to feel a little uneasy. You’re apprehensive about what lies ahead. because you want your relationship to last and you know that. Many people liken love to something they couldn’t let go of or lose, but Maria finds the suspense in not knowing what will happen to it.

2. Everything is fresh and fascinating.

When you’re in love, you look forward to doing things you’ve done a million times because this time, you’ll be doing them with your spouse. They come to mind the moment you see a romantic movie trailer or when you decide to run to the nearby fast food restaurant.

Even four hours of a sporting event would be acceptable if it meant spending time with them. According to Maria, this is the result of how love causes you to change. I like to relate it to a feeling of being incredibly alive and excited, she says, when you’re in love, the basis of your perspective changes.

“You have discovered someone who, even if it’s just sitting on the couch watching tv, makes everything feel new and fascinating,”

3. You literally think about this person all the time.

Your significant other is always on your mind when you’re in love. If you haven’t spoken to them in a few hours, you might decide to phone them out of the blue. Or perhaps you walk into a store to buy something for yourself, but you wind up buying something for your partner as well.

When you like someone, you may brush it off and move on with your day while you think about other things, explains Maria. If  you’re in love, you think about that person often, but it’s not overpowering.

“If  you love someone, you are potentially impacted at any/all times on a bodily, mental, and emotional level. It is a tranquil and secure reality you will continually seek,” explains Maria.

4. Both you and they want to take care of them.

It makes sense that when you care about someone, you want to protect them, give them comfort, and you want them to do the same for you.

Khalili explains, “By giving them the kinds of comfort you know or can logically assume that they’ll like, you are demonstrating your love for them.

5. You crave them physically

According to Khalili, “You’re desiring their touch, fragrance, taste, or anything you can obtain.” This is one technique to sense a connection and attachment to the person you love.

According to researchers, the underlying, physical need to reproduce is where love as a whole is thought to have its roots. However, research showing that passion and love have quite different effects on the brain make it evident that humans have been able to differentiate between them.

6. You wish to invite them to visit with your loved ones and friends.

When you two are truly in love, you want to include your partner in every facet of your life. Because you genuinely want your connection with them to last, you want to introduce them to your family and friends.

7. You realize that you are preparing for the future with them in mind.

According to Khalili, you might begin visualizing future encounters, excursions, marriage proposals, and family gatherings with the person you love. Future life without them might be difficult to imagine.

Whatever it entails, Khalili explains, “it’s expressing your excitement for this individual and your confidence in including them in your future.”

8. You experience a return to teen years.

It’s not a coincidence that being in love can make you feel like a wild-eyed, naive teenager all over again, claims Kelifern Pomeranz, PsyD, a clinical psychologist and licensed sex therapist with a practice in California.

“Your body creates a cocktail of chemicals when you fall in love, including dopamine (for wanting more), noradrenaline (for excitement, focus, and attention), testosterone (for sexual attraction and drive), and a reduction in serotonin (which might give that low-key obsessive feeling).”

9. Even their peculiarities appeal to you.

perpetually sorry? Cool freak? When you’re in love, all of your partner’s seemingly harmless characteristics are acceptable and even appreciated. DeAlto says, “You start to find everything about them irresistible, even their tiny eccentricities, their peculiar sense of style, and their specific manner of doing things, which all become lovable.”

10.  You feel better about yourself as a result of them.

According to Theresa E. DiDonato, PhD, an associate professor of psychology at Loyola University Maryland, people who are deeply in love frequently describe feeling like they know more or are more capable.

She explains how falling in love frequently results in an experience of “self-expansion,” which refers to how the individual’s sense of self expands as a result of their relationship with the new person. For instance, a person who has a spouse who enjoys hiking can begin to think of themselves as a hiker.

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