10 Ways to Be the Best Sister You Can Be

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Sisters can be your best friends, but they can also be the most annoying people on the planet. It doesn’t matter how much you love them or how often you annoy them — sisters are sisters and you’ll always have one. If you want to take the relationship to the next level, here are 10 ways to be the best sister you can be, along with some ideas for how you can pull it off.

1) Focus on character traits

Sisters are a constant source of support and companionship, so you want to be sure that you’re there for them in return. These 10 ideas will help your sister know how much she means to you and how much you love her.

2) Express gratitude

Thank you for making me feel like a princess by telling me I’m smart, funny, and brave. Thank you for your advice and listening ear. You are such an amazing sister who is always there for me no matter what!

3) Don’t take out your frustrations on them

When you’re feeling angry or frustrated, remember that your sister does not deserve to be a punching bag for your pent-up emotions. Whether you’re dealing with your sister, brother, or someone else in your family, it’s important to think before you act and be careful about the way you express yourself. Otherwise you might risk losing the person closest to you.

4) Support their goals

You can be a sister without liking or doing everything your sibling does. Support your brother’s interests by accompanying him to his game and cheering him on in the crowd! Buy your sister those sparkly shoes she’s been eyeing. Make her feel empowered by encouraging her ambition. Let her know you’re proud of her through kind words and actions when she has a hard day at work or struggles with school.

5) Give them opportunities to succeed

The best way to be a good sister is to give your sister opportunities. It will help her learn from her mistakes and have more confidence in herself. Give your sister compliments, cheer for her when she does well, encourage them when they do poorly, and offer your opinion but don’t force it on them.

6) Respect their choices

You may think that your sister doesn’t need your input because they seem like they have it all together, but no one really knows how they feel. If you are able to make your sister feel valued and important by showing them respect, it will go a long way with making your sister feel good about themselves.

7) Let them make mistakes

When they make mistakes, allow them to learn from them. It’s impossible for anyone, including adults, to know everything without making mistakes. Letting them recover and try again will be one of your greatest gifts as a sister.

8) Be honest with them

We all know a sister like this: they know that they’re supposed to be nice, but they won’t listen when you tell them why they should stop being mean. Maybe it’s time for a little tough love instead.
If your sister is rude and unkind and you want her to change, remind her about how she wants other people to behave towards her, or remind her about what it feels like when someone is mean.

9) Encourage them to reach for their dreams

I believe that every sister should work hard and never give up on their dreams. There will be times when it may seem easier to do nothing and just go with the flow, but you need to set goals for yourself, know your priorities, stay focused, and never stop improving. In order for us to thrive in life and not just survive we have got to take risks. Sometimes these risks may not turn out as planned but at least you tried – you took a chance!

10) Love them no matter what.

Love your sister unconditionally. The easy thing is to love your sister when she is good, but you should also love her even when she is bad. Take some time each day, no matter how long or short it might be, and invest in getting to know who she really is as a person.

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