10 Ways to Determine if Your Friend is a Potential Beneficiary

10 Ways to Determine if Your Friend is a Potential Beneficiary

If you’re the beneficiary of your friend’s estate, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be receiving everything you think you are entitled to. It might even be possible that the executor will appoint someone else as your benefactor over you. as your claim might not be valid or it might have gone against the wishes of the deceased. To protect yourself from being defrauded by friends and acquaintances, here are ten ways to know if they are potential beneficiaries of your estate plan.

The definition of FWB

Friends with benefits (FWB) typically consists of two people that have decided that they are not committed to one another and wish to maintain their freedom in the realm of relationships. FWB relationships can be friendships outside of the bedroom, or one night stands. Unlike traditional relationships, there isn’t typically exclusivity between both parties involved.

Types of FWBs

Friends with benefits (FWBs) are friends who have sex. It’s easy to be caught up in the moment and just hop into bed with someone but before you do. Make sure they won’t be upset when you don’t call them back. Here are ten signs that can tell you whether your friend will likely be a potential beneficiary:

What Does and Doesn’t Work

One thing that you want to avoid is confusing them with someone who you want in your life as an actual friend. Workplaces can be full of intrigue, but it’s important to remember that these people are trying to get ahead just like you are and won’t always have your best interests at heart. Don’t spend too much time thinking about what works for the other person because it may not work for you.

Warning Signs

1. When you are talking about someone else in their presence, they ask for more details about that person, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with them.
2. They spend most of their time at your place or in your car (if you don’t know the person well).

Dating Apps and FWBs

Here are the top signs that your friend with benefits may actually be an heir!

1. They’re Not Seen With Anyone Else Too Often

2. When You Ask Them If They Want to Hang Out, Their Response Is Anything But Clear

3. They Act Really Close To You Without Being Nauseated

4. The More Sex You Have With Them, The More Likely It Is That You’re Going To Be Named In Their Will

5. The Main Reason They’ve Asked You Over For A Pizza Party

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