10 Ways To Love More


The more exertion you put into fulfilling your accomplice without compromising you two, the almost certain your accomplice will do likewise consequently. This will prompt a more joyful and more gainful relationship for both of you. The key is to embracing the way of thinking that calls for adoring more and harming less. Here are a few things that you can embrace and practice once you choose to roll out an improvement to improve things.

1. Give up control.

In your attempt to make your relationship work, you may cling to your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend without even realizing it. The need to control your loved one is a natural response when trying to steer the relationship somewhere you want it to go. Whether it is making it through a difficult financial period together, or learning to forgive each other for the all the nasty fights in the past, trying to control a relationship is normal.

You may have the best intentions in mind, but you have to remember that your attempts to control your loved one is hurting them more than anything else. Love cannot be possessed and it is ridiculous to think that you can own someone’s love. Stop trying to hurt your partner by controlling the flow of the relationship.

2. Be mindful.

You have to always be mindful of your partner’s feelings. You may think that after years together you know how your spouse behaves, but always remember that he or she is a separate being with personal thoughts and feelings. They are not a reflection of you.

Do not assume that you know what your partner wants just because you have been together for a long time. Your loved one is entitled to his or her own opinions, so please be mindful of the things you say and the decisions you make.

3. Have an open mind.

If you want someone who thinks and behaves exactly as you do, you might as well date yourself. The whole purpose of being in a serious relationship with someone is to fill in the missing pieces and complete yourself. Although there is a high probability that your loved one shares the same goals and outlook on life as you, he or she should also have the freedom to have different opinions, beliefs and viewpoints.

Stop trying to change who they are and accept that they may think differently than you. Whether it is something major like a religious belief, or something small like wanting the living room to be painted eggshell yellow instead of beige, have an open mind and respect your differences, not attack them.


4. Offer support.

Whether it is something life changing like your husband wanting to give up his high powered banking position to be a scuba diving instructor, or something small like accompanying your wife to run errands after work even though both of you are exhausted, offering your partner support is one of the greatest ways of loving more and hurting less.

When you can selflessly prove that you care about someone else’s happiness and peace of mind more than your own, you will find that good things will come back to you and you will be happy.

5.Say or do something nice daily.

You should make an effort to say something nice and appreciative to your partner every day. Even better, couple your sweet words with actions. Whether it is sincerely telling your husband that you love him and appreciate all that he does for the family, or surprising your wife with a homemade chicken pot pie, saying something nice and proving that you mean it is the perfect way of loving more and hurting less.

Always remember that if you can appreciate the gesture, your partner probably will do too. Besides, who can ever get mad at you for serving them breakfast in bed or making an effort to change the sheets without being asked to?

6. Listen, don’t act.

Sometimes, all it takes to love more is to listen and not react negatively. Instead of throwing a tantrum and blaming your girlfriend for screwing up the dinner reservations, just accept that a mistake was made and get over it. Also, instead of hunting down the colleague who backstabbed your husband at work, just listen to what your husband has to say and offer him moral support in whatever he decides to do next.

You have to give your spouse the freedom to make their own decisions and fix their own mistakes. Be as understanding as you can be by offering them a shoulder to cry on and two ears to listen. Sometimes, the best thing that you can do is to not do anything at all.

7. Make room for change.

Try not to fear change. As time passes by, we as a whole fill in manners that we won’t ever envision. The revelation of new encounters is a typical piece of being human. Never fault your accomplice for needing to accomplish something else. Of course, it could be challenging to conform to another daily practice, however now and again, change might be exactly what was needed. At any rate, you can say that you upheld your accomplice’s choice.

In any case, just roll out certain improvements. For instance, it is fine on the off chance that your life partner needs a new vocation start and is contemplating moving to another city. Supporting each other in that sense checks out. Be that as it may, mull over surrendering to your accomplice if they have any desire to rehearse an open relationship and rest around. Ponder whether it is something that you can stomach in the long haul, on the off chance that not, put your accomplice down and serenely discuss it.

8. Be vulnerable.

Get off your high horse and stop the incessant need to be right all the time. There is a reason why some couples just cannot make things work. It is because both parties refuse to give in as they think it is a sign of weakness.

Sometimes, you just have to be the bigger person in an argument. There is nothing wrong with showing your vulnerability and admitting that you are wrong. It proves that you are human and contrary to what you may believe, your partner will love you more than ever before.

9. Share more.

Another way to love more and hurt less is to communicate freely. Do not keep things from your partner. Rather, share your hopes, dreams and faults with them, no matter how unbelievable it may seem. When you open up the channels of communication, you will encourage your partner to do the same. This will result in an open and honest relationship, unmarred by lies and exaggerations. Just be the best version of yourself and everything will fall into place.

10. Forgive.

People make mistakes and your partner is no exception. You have to learn to let go of pent up anger and forgive your spouse. Whether it is something silly like not giving him hell for forgetting to pick up eggs on his way home, or something more serious like learning to forgive her for sleeping with her ex, forgiveness is the key to a happy relationship.

In the event that you find that you can’t pardon your accomplice for violating you, then you need to go with the choice to leave in light of the fact that by the day’s end, you will both be despondent. In any case, don’t allow your despondency to prevent you from making a good attempt as you can to make things right.

Being seeing someone an opportunity for growth and on the off chance that you have the disaster of not having the option to make it work, view at it as an example learned. Eventually, cherishing more and harming less isn’t that hard to do.

Continuously make sure to put your adored one first, and to just fly off the handle after you have imagined their perspective. Here and there, things simply occur for not a great explanation and you need to transcend everything to keep a blissful and solid relationship.

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