13 Things Men Find Attractive In Women.

Things Men Find Attractive In Women.

Even if the saying “beauty is just skin deep” is true, there’s no denying the importance of first impressions. But when it comes to men and women, it’s much more than just attractiveness and appearance. What characteristics of women do males find appealing? Their hip ratio, perhaps? a certain hair color? In heels, how do their long legs look? Or perhaps it’s all about their admirable character traits? Learn Things Men Find Attractive In Women.

Thankfully, we don’t have to hazard a guess. Numerous research have been done on this subject. and they have provided us with a wealth of knowledge. It’s critical to remember that everyone has a distinct taste. However, regardless of their own preferences, most men find a certain quality in women to be appealing. Surprisingly, there are situations when it not even purposeful.

1. A high-pitched voice

While it may seem attractive to have a deep voice, research have shown that men are more drawn to voices with higher pitches. High-pitched voices were discovered to be nearly uniformly more appealing to males, largely because of the looks, physique, and youth they expected to go along with that voice, according to a study conducted by University College London. Researchers discovered that there was sort of a sweet spot in pitch after asking volunteers to listen to a variety of voices and then score them based on their attraction. Up to a point, men found high-pitched voices to be more appealing. The voice lost its beauty when it became too high-pitched. At the conclusion of the research, they found that A voice should be relatively high-pitched and slightly breathy in order to be most appealing; this is said to indicate that the speaker has a petite frame.

2. The right sense of humor

Everyone agrees that having a sense of humor is one of the qualities people strive for in a mate, but a research in Evolution and Human Behavior found that the kind of comedy that men and women find appealing are shockingly different.

However, when the research took a closer look, they discovered that while women valued both the capacity for humor and the ability to appreciate the same kinds of things they found humorous, males were somewhat more biased in terms of what they considered beautiful. The males in the poll didn’t think humorous women were more desirable; rather, they preferred receptivity to their own sense of humor. In other words, males need a partner who will like their jokes. It was less important for women to be able to make men laugh for males. They were trying to locate someone. People valued their talent for producing comedy, as the research put it.

3. Feminine Independency

Although studies have shown that men find attractive women who are independent, self-supportive, and not needy, men still desire women to depend on them for some things. They could enjoy it if you ask for their assistance, but neediness turns people off. Men appear to like it when women can handle their own worries and doubts without needing their partners’ assistance.

4. Your smile

It should come as no surprise that a winning smile may entice a man, but women who want to use this strategy might be shocked to hear that their smile has to be big. You must specifically show your teeth. However, women also stated that they place a high value on teeth, making it clear that it’s not just males who are drawn to women with a toothy grin.

The first thing people notice about a possible love partner, according to both men and women, is their teeth, followed by their grammar. Looking inside someone’s mouth might give you an insight since teeth are a product of both heredity and environment. their overall state of health. This is related to the reproductive worth of women. At least from a scientific perspective, this helps to explain why teeth play such a significant part in human attraction: good teeth signal a healthy individual who is capable of parenting.

5. Being a dog lover

Pet-owning men take an animal lover’s interest in animals extremely seriously. According to a Match.com poll from 2014, males are four times more likely than women to utilize their dogs to find a partner, luring in other animal lovers with their furry buddies, according to HuffPost. Nearly all cat owners asked stated they would be open to a relationship with a dog owner. in contrast to dog lovers who are far more choosy, with just 66 percent of dog owners saying they would be prepared to date someone with a cat. Therefore, it would appear that the greatest method to get a date with a man who appreciates animals is to adore dogs.

6. Pretty And Healthy Hair

It is undeniable that males regard women with attractive hair to be physically appealing. Men occasionally comment on a woman’s hair first, especially if it is long, shining, and healthy-looking. However, a poll of women revealed that 71% of them claimed they didn’t anticipate their possible partner to notice their hair!. But males claim to really enjoy hair (especially when they are down, and some men prefer messy buns). Women with blonde, long hair tend to have the upper hand, although hair color seems to be a matter of preference.

7. Having a certain smell


One quality that attracts guys is one that many of them probably aren’t even aware of. According to a Swiss research that was recently published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences (via Medical Xpress). males who are attracted to women are more likely to be drawn to the smell of a woman who has high estrogen and low progesterone levels. This result was reached by having women “give” their body odor by placing cotton pads under their arms for an overnight period.  and then having males rate the aroma on a scale of 0 to 100.

8. Wear Simple Makeup

Learn Things Men Find Attractive In Women.
Learn Things Men Find Attractive In Women.

In fact, a research published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology found that women frequently underestimate how much makeup males find appealing. Leading many of them to overdo it. To put it another way, you can decide to wear a lot of cosmetics. because you believe it would attract guys. But in actuality, it will turn them away. With this in mind, it’s time to accept the reality that less really is more.

9. Don’t Gossip

Learn Things Men Find Attractive In Women.
Learn Things Men Find Attractive In Women.

It may seem entertaining to share the most recent rumors. scandals, and stories about the lives of your friends, family, and coworkers with a guy. It’s crucial to understand that while your goals may have been to keep him informed and open the channels of communication with you. Giving him the scoop about other people’s nefarious activities really gives the impression that you lack confidence. In reality, many individuals who have a negative self-perception rely on gossip to improve their own lives, and they like discussing the most recent mistakes and scandalous actions of others in order to do so.

10. Small feet

Dainty feet are still seen favorably by males. at least in part. even if individuals no longer go to such measures for them. A composite face constructed of the faces of women with little feet was presented to males in a research. at the University of Albany in Albany, New York. It appealed to them more than the composite created from the faces of eight ladies with huge feet, in their opinion.

11. Long legs

Things Men Find Attractive In Women.
Things Men Find Attractive In Women.

The length is everything when it comes to legs. High heels may be popular because males favor women with longer legs relative to their bodies. according to studies. Men believe that women with small bodies and lengthy legs are the most appealing. Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett Johansson are two examples of women with this body type.

According to a research conducted at the University of Wroclaw in Poland.  legs that are 5% longer than the norm are the most appealing. Lead researcher and psychologist Boguslaw Pawlowski. stated to New Scientist (via The Guardian) that “long legs are an indication of wellness.”

12. The color red

Things Men Find Attractive In Women.
Things Men Find Attractive In Women.

Red is one of the strangest things that appeals to guys. The color is seen as attractive and has long been connected to love and desire. For a long time, experts believed that this was because males become sexually aroused. when they saw the color red. Because it unconsciously made them think of a woman’s genitalia. However, a research from the University of Kent in the UK disproved that hypothesis. The males thought the pink colors to be more beautiful than the reddest shade. Men are still drawn to the color red despite the fact that this refutes the idea of why they do.

13. Similar characteristics to parents

Things Men Find Attractive In Women.
Things Men Find Attractive In Women.

In a research on the likelihood that men (and women). will find specific hair and eye colors attractive in their selected mates. it was discovered that for males, their mothers’ hair and eye colors were the greatest predictors of preferences. They discovered that most males were drawn to the same coloring as their mom. when they interviewed over 700 volunteer participants  about the eye and hair colors of themselves, their parents, and their relationships.

While experts aren’t quite sure what’s going on here, they did propose that it’s likely that the early connection between mother and son developed a type of subconscious relationship. That may explain why the same association didn’t exist when comparing their father’s hair and eye color. implies security, comfort, and familiarity connected to the eye and hair color they were most comfortable with. Men exhibited a strong preference for women who shared something else with their mother. height, according to a different research from the University of Tokyo.

Being attractive don’t require only beauty, you have to do other thing. to know the the way to attract boys try the above strategies and see the positive results.


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