15 Ways To your Man get Jealous.

When they enter a relationship or marriage, some guys stop putting forth effort and start taking things for granted. Making him envious in these circumstances is a good approach to shake him out of his slumber and make him feel the need to keep you. But are you considering ways to enrage him? You can learn some helpful advice from reading our article. A little envy can go a long way in a stale relationship. In order to make your boyfriend or husband appreciate you again if they have recently been too busy or unavailable, use these small jealousy games. To find out his response, you might start by chatting with someone or laughing at communications. However, resentment can have two sides, and if you don’t play it safe, things may go out of your hand. So, make wise moves.

1.  Flirt with a person he doesn’t know

Engage in some light flirtation with a colleague. He might get heartburn if you casually flirt with a man he doesn’t know. The other man can be a complete stranger or a coworker. When you know your partner is looking, purposefully strike up a conversation with this individual. You can even engage in a little light flirting by laughing aloud or lightly brushing your palm against their arm.

2. Laugh his friend’s jokes

Even if it is his best friend, your partner might not appreciate it if you laugh at their jokes. He may feel a twinge of jealousy if he strives to be the funniest man in the room and laughing at his friend’s joke can make him feel a pang of jealousy.

3. Neglect his calls and texts.

You might get his attention if you ignore him. Do not call or text him. Do not respond right away to any texts he sends you. Instead, you can once in a while text him. Similar to that, wait a few times before answering his calls. Let him know that you have a life of your own and that you genuinely value time spent with others. Social media participation is possible. He will begin pursuing you and will focus solely on you. But don’t ignore him for too long.

4. Dress up

It is not necessary to wait for a special occasion to dress up, apply makeup, and style your hair. Put on a gorgeous dress and give yourself some alone time. If your closet is empty, go shopping and purchase a dress that you wouldn’t typically wear for yourself. Your lover will become intrigued by the changes and notice them. Want not to explain too much as he can become curious and try to learn the cause of the changes. Give him a sly smile to keep the suspense going. Your mysterious smile will give off an air of assurance, possibly arouse jealousy in him, and keep him perplexed.

5. Go out with your girlfriends

When their girl goes out with her gang, men get jealous. They are not accompanying you on these occasions, so they are unaware of what occurs there and may be wishing to spy. They experience anxiety as a result. Get sexy and go out with your friends for the evening. Do not respond to his calls right away. After 3–4 rings, answer and have a quick conversation with him. Keep talking to him to let him know that you are enjoying yourself without him.

6. Inform him that other men are giving you attention.

Make sure to tell your partner if someone at work is flirting with you or if you are getting attention from someone you met online. He’ll become envious and start acting defensively as a result.

7. Do things without his help

Typically, men strive to exert control over the situation and feel protective of their women. You have to demonstrate your independence to make people envious. Don’t rely on him; take on a few small tasks on your own. When moving, for instance, you might ask your friends for assistance. You might have upset your guy by not asking for his assistance.

8. Have a male best friend

Your boyfriend or husband may become insecure around his best friends who are men. It is most likely that your boyfriend will make an effort to keep you close to your male best friend if you communicate with him frequently. But you should be aware of when to stop.

9. Make use of social media.

Post photos of you and your friends engaging in unusual and interesting activities. Make sure your partner knows how well-liked you are among your friends. demonstrate that life is still exciting without him. The goal is to make him notice that you are paying attention to someone else while you are distracted. To let your partner know where you are, stay active on social media, but occasionally conceal specifics. When you return, expect a lot of affection and adoration.

10. Leave in the middle of a conversation

When speaking with your spouse about something, especially if he started the topic, get up and leave before it is finished. Your partner will become envious as soon as he realizes you are not interested in what he has to say.

11. Do not call him first

If a woman does not hear from her partner frequently, she may likely text or phone. Stop doing it if you’re one of those people. Your spouse feels more powerful as a result. If he discovers that you will get in touch with him regardless of how often he avoids you, he will be disappointed.

12. Text your friend while he is talking

When he is speaking to you, your boyfriend wants all of your undivided attention. if you start texting your friend  in the middle of the talk. He might become more motivated to get your attention as a result.

13. begin engaging in what you love

Men’s disapproval causes some women to cease doing things they enjoy. You should definitely do something if you love it and it makes you happy. Your self-assurance and independence are increased. Your partner could get envious if he sees you interested in whatever you prefer to do because it implies that you aren’t giving him enough attention. He may become more devoted and affectionate as a result.

14. Withhold sex

Stop caving to his pressure. Indicate your exhaustion or lack of interest. He will become envious as a result, and he won’t comprehend your refusal to have sex. In an effort to get you closer to him, he will make an extra effort to show you affection and attention.

15. Do not respond to his flirting

Both of you can engage in the game of flirting. It’s likely that if you flirt with other men, your man will do the same. Ignore his advances and demonstrate to him that you are not overly concerned. It will only make him ponder why, if anything.

Doing this will make your partner want more and miss you, do this in wise way becouse if you dont it can lead to something else like a fight. learn  Ways To your Man get Jealous.

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