5 Great Gifts To Surprise Your Fiancée

5 Great Gifts To Surprise Your Fiancée

As such, you cannot limit yourself to the occasional roses and box of chocolates. By the time you propose, you will supposedly know everything about your chosen half – her likes and dislikes. It’s time to take it a step further than the low budget gift ideas for your girlfriend that, although made her happy, are not enough for your fiancée.

To make sure you get it right, here are 5 great gifts to surprise your fiancée with.

1. Pearls


Pearls are the traditional gift among those who are to be married. More than the occasional pieces of jewelry that women generally love, a pearl necklace is something a mature woman can wear with remarkable success. With this gift, you show her that she’s your top priority and that you are going to be by her side whenever she will need you.

This type of gift is most impactful when given during a romantic evening. Beyond the actual object, presentation matters greatly in such a context. Consider packing them in a special pearl box. As they last forever, the pearl necklace or strand will always bear the memory of the moment you both decided to live life as one.

2. Dress

DressWith these gifts, you are looking for meaning and future utility. It may sound practical and lacking in romance, but gifting her something which she can use in the future alongside you is a sign of commitment.

Therefore, the dress you are giving her cannot be just any other dress. It needs to be a lavish piece of clothing that fits her style exactly and which she can wear to coming events. Conversely, don’t buy her something too pretentious. Remember that you know her best and that the most expensive gift isn’t always the best one.

3. Artwork

ArtworkWomen are usually more artistical than men. No one expects you to become an art critic overnight, but purchasing a painting for your fiancée is another hint at your commitment. A painting is something that is both beautiful and durable. Moreover, it brings beauty to the place it is attributed, bringing the promise of a home together.

To complete the gift and make it truly surprising, read up on the art that you are buying. Beyond the actual gift, women long to be intellectually stimulated by their partners. This is a desire that most men aren’t aware of – or in which they don’t take much interest. Don’t just make a financial effort, make a personal effort to go the extra mile and show her that you care.

4. Your past together

Your past togetherThis gift cannot be generic as it plays on the unique events and inside jokes that you have already shared with your loved one. All couples have either a song, a place or even a saying that reminds them of when they met. Such a moment can be encapsulated in a gift for your fiancée.

As your relationship evolves and you find yourself wanting to take it a step further, don’t forget about what you had so far. Bring her a gift that only she can appreciate. Beyond expensive accessories, this kind of present can go a long way in the eyes of your bride to be. Even a silly thing that wouldn’t be usually thought of as a gift can be perfect for this occasion.

The past that you share together with your fiancée is the core of your relationship. Shared moments of hardship or joy make up the way in which you understand and love one another. Any material embodiment of this emotional luggage will be cherished by your fiancée more than anything.

5. Companion

5 Great Gifts To Surprise Your Fiancée
5 Great Gifts To Surprise Your Fiancée

When separate individuals form a couple, they share responsibilities. Life in two makes some things easier, but complicates others. A pet can be the best reminder of the bond that connects you and your fiancée.  More than that, it is a living creature to whose life you both contribute, a shared work that brings you worries but also immense joy every day.

If your fiancée is an animal lover, a dog or a cat may be the best gift to surprise her with. Beyond other features and traits, women appreciate the commitment from the side of their partners, and a pet shows just that – that you’re in it for the long run. This form of commitment provides emotional security for your fiancée, reminding her of your love for her each time she lays eyes on the puppy or kitty.

These are five gifts that you can surprise your fiancée with and ensure her of your dedication to your future together. They carry more emotional weight and meaning than the usual gifts given to a girlfriend. With each of them, your fiancée will receive not just an object, but a reminder and a promise of love.

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