6 Things Women Do Men Don’t Like.


Every gender has some characteristics that the other dislikes, without trying to generalize. There is no getting around the fact that women are more complex than men. Here’s one for the gorgeous ladies: be on the lookout for a few things you might be doing that guys find repulsive.

1. Revealing everything and anything to your friends

We can all agree that women express their emotions much more often than men do. Although girls chat to each other a lot and it’s acceptable to seek advise or express frustration, a guy despises it when you share intimate aspects of your relationship with all of your pals. Try to keep your arguments or problems between the two of you because most guys value their privacy.

2. Bringing up the past whenever you argue

We all hold grudges, and they often unexpectedly surface when we’re really hurt. Learning from past mistakes is OK, but once you’ve discussed them and extended forgiveness, you shouldn’t hold it against the other person and bring it up every time you argue. Unless they consistently bother you by doing it.

3. Being too Dramatic

Men find it endearing when women playfully act infantile; they enjoy being wanted and trusted for support, but occasionally it gets a little much. A major turnoff is acting like a baby to attract attention. They detest it when you begin to gripe and moan while refusing to acknowledge your errors.

4. Overanalyzing social situations and conversations

Men find it very annoying when women overthink talks and social settings because they aren’t very good at reading between the lines. Guys often like to take things at face value and are less likely than women to be adept at picking up on an emotion or a conversation’s underlying meaning.

5. comparison with other relationships and couples

When women compare their own relationships to those of other couples, guys detest it. Here are a few comparisons that truly irritate males.

a) Why can’t we begin putting money aside for a house together  like James and Sarah did?

b)Why can’t we visit  a place that Sarah and her boyfriend on their regular dates to this beautiful cafe?

6. talking your ex-partners

Men occasionally require attention, so if you’re constantly out with your friends, not attending to them or their requirements, or not making them feel wanted or required, they will undoubtedly reconsider the relationship.  Although every person is unique, the more you discuss the things you don’t like, the more you’ll comprehend what your partner requires from you.

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