8 Things Men Should Never Wear


Some of you may argue that in this day and age, I can wear whatever I choose, and you are correct! You may now wear anything you want at the same time, inhale asbestos, and drink water from lead pipes. You shouldn’t do anything just because you can.

Things That Should Not Be In a Classic Man Wardrobe

1. Sandals

They look particularly horrible when worn with socks, but even on their own, they may be worn by those who are genuinely into outdoor activities; nonetheless, if you consider yourself trendy or care about your outer appearance, sandals will always make you look less clever and immature.

2. Matching Tie & Pocket Square

They frequently come in sets; generally in hideous, glossy satin, and occasionally they even come with pre-fold pocket squares or pre-tie ties that you clip on, and if you wear this, it just looks cheap and as if you don’t know what you’re doing, so you’re better off bypassing it entirely. Of course, wearing a tie and a pocket square helps you appear dashing, and you should do so; but, you should always knot and fold your own ties and pocket squares. If you’re not sure how to accomplish that, please check out our series on different tie knots and how to tie them, as well as how to fold a pocket square the easiest way.

3. Unbuttoned Dress Shirt With A Necktie.

It just looks messy, and the whole point of wearing a tie is to seem sleek and classy. There is no functional or practical reason why we wear ties; having a top button undone gives the impression that you don’t care about how you appear, and you should either wear the tie properly or not at all. So, if it’s too hot or you’re uncomfortable around your neck, pull out the tie, roll it up, put it in a pocket, and unbutton the buttons; that looks much nicer.

4. Big Shirt Collars.

I have seen them everywhere , and sometimes you wear them with neckwear, which causes puckering because there’s too much fabric when you tighten your tie knot, leaving unattractive waves. The great rule of thumb that you’ve heard everywhere is that your collar should accommodate two fingers comfortably. The trouble is that I’ve never found a collar that I couldn’t get two fingers into. Because your neck is flexible, you should wear a collar that doesn’t leave any obvious gaps while you stand still. If your collar is too wide, you’ll notice a gap at the front, and it should fit tightly on your neck.

5. Square-toed Shoes.

Typically, if your collar is too large, ugly shoes. They were actually a little more costly, so people considered them to be excellent dress shoes, and as a result, that design was maintained. Fortunately, there are many more fantastic firms that provide a great round toe, or if you want something a bit more square, go with a really exquisite chisel toe.

6. Sports Sunglasses.

Those mirrored sunglasses you might wear outside, often with rainbow hues, are not something you should ever wear in public with a formal outfit. this includes in things men should never wear.

7. .Tennis Socks

There’s no need to wear them unless you’re going to the gym. Wearing white tennis socks with brogues, long pants, or even shorts in public, other than the gym, makes you seem like a peasant. and this includes in things men should never wear.

8. Cargo Shorts.

They simply make you appear like a douche, and I know some people appreciate them because they’re useful. Having objects in your cargo shorts pockets makes you appear asymmetrical, which sends a subliminal signal to others that you’re not as well put together. They can’t put their finger on it, but they will think less highly of you. There’s no need to wear them unless you’re going to the gym. Wearing white tennis socks with brogues, long pants, or even shorts in public, other than the gym, makes you seem like a peasant. This includes in things Men Should Never Wear.
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