8 Ways you to attract guys


Not every girl is able to make a guys get attracted to them. For example at your school or work place there is is one girl who made guys crazy, and you are asking yourself questions about yourself, well here there is the guidance for you to help you to become attracive.

1. smile

Smile! A smile is the worldwide act of goodwill, and there is nothing more simple and profoundly effective in gaining your crush. Make sure to smile at her whenever you see her! While it may be difficult if you are shy, you should find that it becomes much simpler fairly fast.

2. Maintain constant eye contact.

To maintain adequate eye contact without staring, make eye contact for 50% of the time when speaking and 70% of the time when listening. This demonstrates curiosity and confidence. Hold it for 4-5 seconds. Maintain or retain eye contact for 4-5 seconds after making it. This will show that you have confidence and increase your attractiveness.

3. Maintain a natural-looking makeup appearance.

Makeup has been shown to significantly improve women’s appearance, making them appear more appealing in the eyes of others. The management of contrasts with the eyes and lips against skin tone is the primary reason cosmetics influences a person’s beauty.

4. Play with your hair.

Being attractive goes with playing with your hair. Flirting using your hair also has ways to be done, without much effort and not every time. make sure to do it sexy in order to increase your attractiveness.

5. Laugh at his jokes.

Guys are drawn to those who believe they are amusing. This gives him the impression that the two of you are linked by a common sense of humor. Furthermore, most males believe laughing is adorable. Throw in a chuckle throughout a chat to convey that you enjoy his humor and him.

6. Compliment him.

When you show a people your attention, they feel better. So don’t be hesitant to approach him and pay him a compliment. This will make him get more attracted to you. you have to do this ways to attract guys.

7. Go out with only one other person.

Guys approach you more easily when you’re in tiny circles. If you’re surrounded by your friends, he may believe it’s hard to approach you, even if he truly wants you to. You’ll be more approachable if you go to the bar, café, or restaurant with just one other buddy.

8. Wear flattering, appealing outfits.

Guys choose basic clothing that flatter their figures. Men do not often follow or appreciate fashion trends. Avoid styles that are a little odd yet really stylish. He won’t comprehend the trendiness behind the style, so even if you look stylish, he might not find it appealing.

As conclusion, if you do everything possible to get your crush attention, no matter anything he will come to you. you just need to know ways to attract guys.

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