9 ways to make her miss you like crazy( It works)

It’s normal to want to know how to make her miss you and keep you on her thoughts whether you’re seeing someone new or trying to keep your long-term relationship intriguing.
Making someone miss you is not manipulative when done with genuine intentions. It’s a great technique to keep relationships interesting and generate that sense of desire that makes you eagerly anticipate your next meeting.

1.Don’t spend all of your time looking at your phone.

While you may  react to her messages and phone calls, don’t text or contact her all the time. Limit your phone time because if you answer to her 24/7, she could assume you have nothing else to do.
Make the most of the time you have with her. Make her laugh and feel special so she looks forward to the times she gets to chat to you.

2. Allow each other some alone time occasionally.

If you are continuously around her, she will have nothing to miss, which may cause her to lose interest in you. Don’t forget to make time for things like hanging out with friends and family and keeping up with your hobbies to prevent being engrossed in the relationship and to show her that you have other interests. Limiting your time with her will make her appreciate the times she does get to spend with you and will make her miss you the longer the two of you are away. You can’t lose something you already have, so make sure there’s a power dynamic in place that requires her to work hard to be close to you.

3. Make sure the two of you have a fun time together. 

If you make a date enjoyable while you are with her, she will want to repeat the experience.
Fun date and time make her miss the time you two spent together, and she can’t stop thinking about going out with you again. If there has been a lack of physical connection, having a pleasant and playful time with her will make her more romantically interested in you.

4. Make her want more.

You could also limit your time with her so that she thinks about you more regularly. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to see her, but you also don’t want to go overboard. That way, she’ll be able to see you and think about you when you’re separated. Do not really tell her all about yourself all at once since you want her to be interested in learning more about you each time you hang out.

5. Give her something that makes her think of you.

You may make her think of you all the time by giving her a present or anything of yours.
Even a simple t-shirt or hoodie of yours will make her think of you all the time, and she will want you and your scent via the outfits. You could also give her a jewelry, book, or make a playlist particularly for her so that every time she wears, reads, or listens to it, she will remember youad make her miss you like crazy.

6. Surprising her

Every female enjoys thrilling and entertaining surprises. Something about a lovely surprise makes us feel incredibly attracted to the person we’re dating. Make an effort to create a tiny genuine surprise for her when the two of you go out. This will make her miss you even more when the two of you are apart.

7. Play hard to get but not games

Make sure you’re not always available, and show her that you’re busy at times, yet eager to make time for her. That way, she’ll be scared about losing you and will cherish the time you do spend together. When you do have time for her, make it a pleasant time by treating her well, telling her how you feel, and asking questions about her to show her that you are interested in her life. this will make her miss you like crazy.

8. Check in with her sometimes

You don’t want to be so far off from her that she begins to doubt your motives. To keep on her mind, make a point of calling and texting her at random to see how she’s doing and what she’s been up to. That will mean a lot to her since it demonstrates that you’re thinking about her and care about her.this will make her miss you like crazy.

9. Give her great memories with you.

If you do want her to miss you while you’re not together, spend quality time with her making wonderful memories that she can’t stop thinking about. Make her see that life is brighter, more enjoyable, and more intriguing with you. Listen to what she has to say and take her to locations she hasn’t visited before.
Make sure you’re the last thing she thinks about at night.

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