Dear Men, 6 Things To Do When A girl Says No To Make Love.

Things To Do When A girl Says No.

The last thing you want to hear in a heated argument or when emotions are running high is the word “no.” No matter how much you want to continue or how passionate your make-out session was, a girl’s word is final when she says no. Learn Things To Do When A girl Says No.

1. Think About Why She Said No

You should think about if this is her first time or not.  And You might also think about the possibility that she has already experienced trauma that has made her utterly averse to having sex. You might even just want to ask her directly why she declined. Naturally, you don’t want to come out as unpleasant or pushy. This will just increase her sense of pressure and may lead her to give false justification for her decisions. If you genuinely like her, you should try to appreciate her perspective. It’s entirely up to her whether or not she wants to talk about it.

2. Think About It

We are aware that it might be challenging because you may feel ready to move forward, but you must truly consider your options. Consider what she might be feeling right now. She certainly doesn’t want to let you down, but perhaps she isn’t as prepared as you are. Not everyone has the same experience or wants the same experience right now, so keep that in mind. Know Things To Do When A girl Says No.

3. Consider the Consequences

Even if it appears so simple to keep going after she says no, there are negative effects to such behavior. In addition to the fact that you have a moral obligation to respect her decision to refuse, laws have been placed in place to punish those who break the law. Even one touch after she has previously said no will result in jail time. Additionally, you can be designated as a “sexual offender” and listed on a national database. This will make it difficult to find housing, be around children or get a job. She will experience penalties in addition to you. Sexual assault on women can leave them traumatized. They’ll be forced to give evidence in court against you. She may experience severe emotional discomfort as a result of this.

4. Don’t Make Her Feel Bad.

Things To Do When A girl Says No.
Things To Do When A girl Says No.

Everyone is free to decline an offer, and that is entirely acceptable! The worst thing you can do is make her feel guilty about saying no. If you try to pressure her or make her feel bad for being rejected, you run the danger of ruining the entire relationship. Both approaches to the word “no” are improper. By yelling at her, you merely demonstrate your lack of maturity. In instances like this, it’s critical to keep your composure and empathy. Everyone has the option to turn down approaches if they so want. You must obey the law as it stands.

5. Wait For Her Or Move on

In the end, only one choice really matters. Would you like to continue or wait till she is prepared? There should, in theory, be no middle ground. You have to determine if she’s worth the wait. Consider how much you care about her, whether the wait will be worth it, or whether you’d like to look elsewhere. You can’t take your anger out on someone who is similar to her. It’s acceptable to decline, and it’s crucial to inform her of this that she’s at no fault just because she said it.

6. The Importance of Consent

We are no longer in the 15th century. When it comes to sexual behavior, consent is more than required. When a guy or woman says no, they mean it completely. You have a responsibility to uphold a strict code of ethics and choose wisely in a situation (or situations) like this one. Respect plays a crucial role in all relationships. It’s important to pay attention to what your partner has to say. Making ensuring kids feel safe with you is also crucial. Even if you two are not in a committed relationship, you still need to be willing to listen to your partner. Put yourself in her position to understand her emotions and surroundings and where she’s getting her ideas from.

Girls do not like a person who keeps on forcing, try to let her  think and she will talk to you when she is ok. Know Things To Do When A girl Says No.

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