Expert Tips on Best Romantic Date Ideas for Couples

Need inspiring and really romantic ideas to make your lover melt? Look no further! Expert Tips on Best Romantic Date Ideas for Couples

Experts share best of their advice on incredible date ideas for couples to fuel the spark of a relationship.

Regardless of how long you have been with your bae, it takes work to keep the passion and spark alive in a relationship. To enhance your relationship you need creative romantic ideas to say “ I love you” and pencil in regular date nights with your significant other.

It is a good idea to plan your dates and put them on the calendar, ahead of time to avoid last minute botch-ups.

Get lit with these exciting romantic date night ideas for married couples!

1. Unique romantic date ideas

Everyone has their own unique ideas of the things that would make them feel special.

Here are some thoughts:

  • Some love getting dressed up for a romantic dinner at a high end restaurant in town.
  • Being surprised by something off the charts like an overnight stay or drive might appeal to others.
  • And there are those who might prefer smaller yet just as intimate gestures like a picnic in the living room floor by candlelight.
  • A late afternoon walk in nature, through the woods, around a lake or other places with a view may be just the ticket too.

No matter what the actual date looks like, it will be successful if both feel special, prioritized and cared for in some way.

 It could be helpful to ask what your partner or love interest would find romantic. Remember that people feel loved in different ways.

Lisa Brookes Kift, Marriage and Family Therapist

2. Be consistent

Ah, romance, remember back when you two had that?

Too often, as time goes by, we get distracted with life, comfortable in our life, fall into a rut.

Here are my best proven romantic date ideas for couples to bring back the passion they had when they first were in love.

After more than 20 years together, my husband and I have kept love alive by making weekly one-on-one time together a priority.

Here’s my best romantic tips for couples:

  • Have a soundtrack: Music is powerful. Create a playlist for just you two. It will set the mood and become a secret message between the two of your. The moment my husband plays a song from our playlist I immediately smile and think about our date nights!
  • Get out of the house: Even if only for an hour, once a week leave the house together. After a long day at work, it’s difficult to stop and focus on romance at home with all its distractions.
  • Get back to where you started: When you’ve been together a while you can easily get into a rut. Make it your mission to come up with ways to “remember when” and bring the spark back.
  • Repeat your first dates: Want to remember how good it used to be? Repeat some of your earlier dates and reminisce about the good times.
  • Become a tourist: Site see together in your town – try a walking, biking, even segway tours. Groupon is a great place for local ideas and discounts. Every city has history and events that the locals often forget or never knew.
  • Take a happy hour tour: Want variety? Visit happy hours around town. Try a different dining spot every week or find a favorite and order something new each time.
  • Attend concerts:  Bring back that loving feeling by remembering your fav’ bands of yesteryear. So many bands have reunited or never stopped  touring.
  • Get your game on: Bowling, miniature golfing, shooting pool, rock climbing, just a few ideas for adventures that aren’t just for teens and twenties, but they’ll sure make you feel like you are plus they’re great for allowing conversation.
  • Ride a golf cart:  There’s something romantic about leisurely riding through a golf course—it’s beautiful, open aired and quiet—perfect for romance.

Victorya Michaels Rogers, Love and Life Coach

3. No need to be expensive or extravagant

There is evidence to support that doing new things and sharing adventures together does release feel good chemicals such as oxytocin that are associated with greater feelings of happiness and excitement.

Here are some ideas:

  • Wine tasting or craft beer brewery
  • Hiking, rock climbing, anything with a view of nature will work!
  • Cooking class, paint, ceramics-get your hands messy.
  • Attend a farmer’s market or street fair in a part of town you have never been together.
  • Free concerts in the park

These are just a few ideas to get you started.

The point is to carve out uninterrupted, cell phone free time spent reminding your partner how fun, interesting, and lucky each of you are to be in each other’s lives.


Dana McNeil, MA, LMFT

4. Plan an overnight mini getaway

Plan an overnight mini getaway

One of my favorites is checking into a hotel for the night with dinner and drinks before hand.

It’s especially wonderful for couples with children but really for any couple. Ideally the hotel would be not in the area where one lives.

This gives it more of a feel of being away.

The style, ambience and the decor of the hotel is also something very different from the one home or usual places.

  •  Spending time from everything away is always great and Even for a day or a weekend.
  •  I am a fan of couple workshops or retreats but Recently my husband and I spent Saturday and Sunday during the day in a workshop for couples. The days focused on enhancing connection and intimacy and After the class each day, we walked around the city and had dinner in a quiet, romantic place. It was great.
  •  In the summer, I also like having a picnic in nature, just the two of us.
  •  Bar hopping together is fun and can be adventurous.
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