Good friends are like stars – 10 ways this holds true

if you want to keep your friendship strong, you’re going to have to work on being a good friend. Listen, good friends are like stars. I know, you may be rolling your eyes at the corniness, but it’s true. So, you’re going to have to work at being a good friend. That’s right, you thought it was going to be easy? Love is hard work. Even in friendship.

So, what does it mean to be a true friend?

#1 Keep it honest.  Honesty is really the best policy. What’s the point of having a friend if they’re not going, to be honest with you? These are the people you trust and vice versa, so, it’s your job as a friend, to be honest.

Now, if they ask you if they look fat, you don’t have to yell out “yes.” There’s a difference between being honest and being too brutally honest.

#2 Listen. Listening is an important skill that is lacking between people today. This is why relationships don’t work out and people go their separate ways – they’re not listening to each other.

Having a good friend is about being an active listener. When they’re down, listen. When they’re having a good day, listen. They want to share their life with you, and as a friend, you should be honored.

#3 It’s a two-way street. Like all relationships, they consist of two people. So, that means if you want to be a good friend, you’ll have to give and take. You have to do your part as a friend so that they’re able to do their job too.

#4 Be there when you say you will. If you guys planned to go out on Friday night, show up. If they invited you to their college graduation party, show up. Good friends are friends who show up and support each other. A good friend is someone who is dependable.

#5 Show a little shoulder. 

This is a colossal way that old buddies are like stars. In the event that your companion’s going through a difficult time, you must be there. You should be there. We as a whole go through our highs and lows, so when you’re there for somebody, they’ll show up for you. You don’t need to be the one to patch them up, however you can be the one to say, “Being okay is going.”11 Best Great Gifts for Dads Who Deserve the Best

#6 Don’t overdo “love you.” You remember being in high school and everyone would hug each other at the end of the day and say, “love ya!” Yeah, okay, so they were probably lying. Don’t be the person who carelessly throws out the words, “love you.” It’s annoying and it reminds me of Regina George. A real friend says those words when they mean it. Yes, friends are like stars, but don’t get too mushy all the time.

#7 Pick your battles. There will be moments when your friend says something completely stupid or when they’re bossing you around. I know, that drives me crazy as well, but you can’t go attack everything they say. You need to pick your battles or else you may lose a friendship.

best friends are like stars

#8 It’s not about self-interest.

#9 Be empathetic. You’re friends because you understand each other. So, that means you need to be able to place yourself in their shoes during difficult times. Empathy, people! Allow yourself to be vulnerable and understanding about their emotions. They’ll thank you when they’re feeling alone.

#10 Don’t be a social media friend.

I several companions that are about virtual entertainment and with regards to really getting together, they turn up missing. Try not to be that companion. Virtual entertainment companions are exhausting and attempt to repay by posting pictures of them at clubs, in the mean time, they’re only Snapchatting in the corner.

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