How do you love a man and make him feel special?

Ladies love to hear the three enchanted words ‘I love you yet with regards to men, things could unexpectedly work a piece. Men do not have such a huge amount of verbal ways to express cherishing and might need to see things accomplished for them rather than a simple notice of words. Dr. Pavan Sonar, therapist and relationship guide says, “There are numerous ways of communicating adoration to your man other than saying ‘I love you. It causes them to feel unique when they realize they have your 100% consideration. This should be possible by showing actual appreciation so don’t avoid giving him heaps of embraces and snuggles. He will see the exceptional touch in the manner you stroke him.” So if you need to show the man in your life the amount you give it a second thought, attempt these things and see him grin.

Don’t ignore him when together 

Give your man your undivided attention and show him that he is your priority. When you’re together, spend time without any intrusion. Avoid checking your phone often, taking calls or diverting your attention from him. Focus on what he is saying and doing. Maintain eye contact, hold hands and simply have time only for him.


Rustle up his favorite meal

 It’s known that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, rustle up his favorite meal even if there is no special occasion. The fact that you know what he likes when it comes to food, shows that you care a lot about him.

Dress up the way he likes

Wearing that dress which he loves to see you in, sends his brain the right signals. It shows you desire him, values his liking, and want to look good for him. So, once in a while just doll up his way! 

Admire him genuinely 

Who doesn’t like compliments? While women attract a lot of them, men have to make do with fewer ones. However, men like genuine compliments whether it is for their looks, attire, manners, or their work. “It’s difficult for men to pick up subtleties in conversations when it comes to admiration if they don’t expect it. Thus, a direct dialogue with them is advised to avoid misunderstandings,” says psychotherapist Kunjal Shah. You will see him glow after the compliment as you admire him for his traits making him feel secure as to why you opted for him over other guys. 

Take his advice 

Any man will feel important when you seek his guidance on various problems that you may be facing. It shows that you trust his opinion on important aspects and that you value his judgment. It makes them feel competent and useful. 

Say ‘Thank You 

It is a joint responsibility to maintain the house, but many times women take it for granted when men do routine chores in their absence. Men also have extra energy for additional tasks and if you have such a man in your life don’t forget to give due to his good deeds and express your feelings. Saying thanks will infuse positive energy into your relationship.

Be a good listener

Undoubtedly, even men have issues bothering them whether at home or work. Right when these appear at an end, permit him to vent and assist with conveying all that strain. “When separated from ladies, men are less expressive regarding discussing their feelings. They sometimes think, as a matter of fact and dread being criticized. Thusly, at whatever point a man needs to open up to his frill, he stays aware of that she should be more empathic and tune in. He is more blissful if you are tuning in with reason and understanding the middle he is trying to make, as opposed to you acting like an educator or his mother. He will avoid any further venting, expecting the lady misses that open entryway,” says Dr. Sonar. Subsequently, be patient as they share all that they are going through and it will show them that you truly consider it.

Get into a quickie mood 

Instead of sticking to a routine schedule of lovemaking, indulge in a quickie once in a while. Romance, foreplay, and making love for an hour might not always be possible, so once in a while just engage in plain, simple sex which is something men look forward to.


Give him a warm hug

Make sure to give your man a decent embrace before going out. What’s more, don’t make it a fast peck, yet embrace him close and partake in the crush. Men connect withholding through touch so let the embrace be for more than a couple of moments. At the point when you both are finished, you will wind up getting inspirational tones from one another.

How do you love a man and make him feel special?
How do you love a man and make him feel special?
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