How long does it take to feel love for someone?

Bifata igihe kingana iki kugirango wumve ko ukunda umuntu?

Love can be hard to figure out sometimes. Maybe you’re scared to admit that you love the girl or just aren’t sure and want to find out if you really love her or the idea of her. Maybe you’ve never been in love before and aren’t sure how it feels. Whatever your reason, look for these signs you’re in love with her, and then you’ll know for sure.How long does it take to feel love for someone?

So, find out the answer if you find yourself asking yourself if you love the person you have in mind using these signs.

1. You want to share good news with her

Being in love means that she is who you go to when you want to celebrate. You want to share good moments with her. You want her to be proud of you.

If you burst at the seams to tell your girl all the good things that come your way before anyone else, that is a good sign you love her.

2. You want to share bad news with her

Even more critical, she becomes your emergency call. You know you love her when she is the first person you want to talk to when something bad happens, even if you haven’t fully processed what happened yet. You know her presence will improve any situation.

That is a sign of trust and support, which are huge parts of love. The first person you think of when the shit hits the fan is the person you trust and love.

3. You’re protective of her

You get angry or upset when someone treats her with disrespect. Whether it is her boss or a random dude at a restaurant, your first instinct is to make him pay. But, hopefully, you brush that aside and instead worry about how it is affecting her.

If you love her, instead of acting out in rage or jealousy, you are protective of her. You want her to feel comfortable and safe regardless of the anger you may have for the person that caused her pain.

4. You see her in your future

You know it’s love when you think about where you might be in a few months. Will she move in with you? Should you buy tickets for a show next year?

Can you picture having kids together or what it might be like to have her be a part of your family? You don’t think about the potential of a future together unless the feelings are real.

You may not be actively making plans with her, but you consider her even subconsciously when thinking about the future. If your boss offers you a promotion, you think about how it might help you two afford a nice place together.

You aren’t just thinking of yourself but incorporating her into things you never really thought about before.

Even if you’ve always wanted a sick bachelor pad, you’re more than happy to give that up to be happy with her. Changing something you thought was set in stone for her is a sign you love her.

5. You think about having kids

If you want kids *There’s nothing wrong with not wanting them, though* and you even think about possibly having kids with her, it might be a sign that she’s stolen your heart.

6. You think about what your kids would be like

If you’re not only thinking about having kids with her but imagining what they would be like, then you are one loved-up puppy. If you see qualities in her and think, “man, our kids are going to be awesome if they inherit that,” there’s a good chance that Cupid’s arrow has hit you. We find things in the people we love that we want to carry on and be a part of for eternity.

Even if you have never thought about having kids, these thoughts may just jump into your head because of human nature.

7. You really care about what she thinks of you

We all care about what people think of us at times. But, if the smallest criticism from her sends you reeling and rethinking who you are and makes you want to change, then there is a good possibility you love her.

If she thinks you’re messy, you want to be more organized and tidier because she sees that potential in you. You want her to believe in you because her belief in you makes you want to be better.

8. You feel horrible when she is upset with you

If she is upset with you for anything, it breaks you. Whether you accidentally snapped at her, offended her, or made a mistake, knowing your actions hurt her is brutal. You would do anything to calm the situation and make sure she is no longer hurting.

If you truly love her, you’ll have no problem admitting you were wrong and saying sorry because you know she deserves it.

9. You think about ways to make her happy

If you find yourself daydreaming about how to bring out her smile, then that might signal that you care more about her than you do yourself. When you’re out and about, you think about what little treats you can pick up to surprise her.

Small things like that say more about love than even grand gestures.

10. You find yourself daydreaming about her

You think about her when she isn’t there. A lot of people compartmentalize their lives. They have a workgroup, their family, their friends, and their partner.

But, when you are at work or with family and find yourself thinking about her or wondering what she’s doing, it could be love.

If you can’t get anything done without seeing her face in your mind, then you are probably smitten. It may be even more than that. If you are more focused on making the evening special for her than getting your work done, love may be taking over.

Love is a strong enough feeling to distract you from big work meetings, sleeping, and even eating. If you think about her when she isn’t there, you are probably in love.

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