How to appear naturally confident

If you’re not a naturally confident person, don’t sweat it, there are plenty of things you can do to fake it until you make it. No, we won’t have you reading affirmations every morning before work. Instead, take a look at these 10 easy steps to seeming more confident in any social situation!

#1 Don’t cross your arms.

You’ve probably read this before, but crossing your arms is a sign to the world that you’re unapproachable! Crossing your arms brings your body inwards and makes you appear defeated. According to Harvard Business researcher Amy Cuddy, this position also lowers your testosterone levels and actually raises your stress levels!

#2 Take up some space!

Did you know that the more space you take up, the more confident you’ll be perceived? Cuddy continues that while crossing your arms is a social no-no, taking up space via gesticulating *a.k.a. talking with your hands!* is a show of power that helps you claim your territory. This is a “power move” that’s practiced by plenty of business big wigs, so give it a go!

#3 Keep your head up – literally.

By walking with your head held high, you show others around you that you’re ready to take in the sights, you’re ready to engage, and you’re not shy about people looking at you. Walking with your head up is a huge sign of confidence. This is also a great posture for maximizing oxygen and keeping your muscles well aligned!

#4 Make eye contact.

Eye contact is essential to great social interactions in our society. It shows willingness to engage, creates a friendly persona, and shows confidence. Sometimes, the last thing people with low self-confidence want to do is look someone in the eyes, as they may find it uncomfortable, or don’t know how long to stare without coming off as creepy.

Don’t worry so much! Odds are, the person you’re talking to doesn’t even notice – all they see is that you were keeping them engaged and appear to be listening to their story.


#5 Put your phone away.

For the people who battle with social uneasiness and certainty issues, gatherings, dates, and parties can be an outright bad dream. As a matter of fact, many individuals really counterfeit discussions on their cellphones by means of message or verbally to try not to converse with individuals at retail locations, public transportation, or get-togethers!

While you might be enticed to whip out your dependable cell phone, attempt to keep away from this. Besides the fact that it be thoroughly would discourteous out on the town, but at the same time another social signal makes you look disconnected or uninterested in individuals around you.

#6 S-M-I-L-E!

Not enough people smile these days. Whether you offer a smile as a passing hello or while deep in conversation with someone, smiling has a tendency to put people at ease and make that person view you as friendly, approachable, and confident. Plus, many research studies show that smiling makes you happy, even when you’re upset, so flash those pearly whites!

#7 The big guns: the triple nod!

Body language research shows that if you nod your head three times when the person you’re talking to pauses during their story, this person will talk three to four times more than if you had never nodded at all!

#8 Don’t be the speed talker.

Modest individuals once in a while hurry through their accounts since they’re anxious or in light of the fact that they understand they’ve caught the entire room’s consideration.  To battle this, take a full breath and truly articulate your words. Sure individuals aren’t anxious about ordering the room’s consideration, so you ought to basically seem as though you’re calm while you’re transferring a story.

#9 Don’t back down from your opinions.

While you wouldn’t want to end up on the “World’s Worst First Date” list, by breaking out into an argument with your first Tinder date, try and stay true to your opinions. Don’t flip flop your thinking just because your date has a different thought. People don’t always agree, and that’s what makes life so interesting.

#10 Touch.

Certain individuals won’t hesitate to connect and offer somebody a confident handshake, a loosening up crush of the shoulder, or even to select the puff from somebody’s hair.

Looking at this logically, don’t we as a whole need a companion who truly does feline hair garments checks for ourselves and ensures we aren’t visiting it up with spinach teeth?

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