How to Compliment a Girl’s Lips Without Sounding Creepy

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Complimenting a girl’s lips can be tricky, because it could go either way: she could think you’re creepily staring at her mouth, or she could think you look like someone to get to know better and add to your social circle. Complimenting a girl’s lips isn’t as hard as it seems if you know what you’re doing, which is why we at Men Provement are here to give you this helpful guide on how to compliment a girl’s lips without sounding creepy!

Most women wear makeup

When you’re complimenting her on her makeup, make sure that you understand what she’s wearing. For example, if she has minimal makeup on but looks great, there’s probably no reason to comment on it. Most women don’t want men telling them that they look good when they don’t even wear any makeup at all.

The lips are the most visible part of your body

they’re right there, on your face, inviting attention. If you’re looking for an easy way to compliment someone without coming off as insincere or creepy, start with their lips. It doesn’t hurt that lips are often paired with equally kissable necks—compliments about these body parts have been known to melt hearts. So let it be known: we love compliments about our lips! And here are some suggestions for doing just that.

You can compliment appearance without sounding creepy

There’s nothing wrong with saying I like your lips, as long as you don’t come off sounding like a weirdo. Be specific about what you like about her lips: are they pouty? Full? Do they fit her face nicely? Is it their shape that appeals to you?

What not to say

Your lips look so kissable. This is too direct. While she’ll appreciate you pointing out her beautiful lips, saying that you want to kiss them makes it seem like kissing them is all you want to do with them! And no one wants just one kiss from anyone—let alone from a stranger—especially when they’re at a bar with their friends. Save your intimacy for later.


Your lips are so soft!, Your lips are like pillows! It’s really hard not to kiss you when I look at them, they’re just too inviting. I’m sure your boyfriend/husband is very happy with them as well. If he isn’t, he should be. It sounds cliché but it’s true: men love full, pouty lips on women because it makes us think of sex. Not that we need any help in that department, but we can always appreciate more stimuli. There is nothing wrong with having sexy thoughts about your partner; it shows that you are interested in her and have sexual chemistry. So don’t feel bad about complimenting her lips—she’ll probably be flattered and will definitely appreciate hearing how much you like them from time to time!

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