How to have make up sex

Don’t initiate a fight just to make love. But if you find yourself feeling tingly down there in the middle of a fight, just keep these tips in mind to turn an argument into passionate make up sex.

1. Get really close while arguing

You may be in a mad rage, but force your mind to get into each other’s personal space. Even the thought of getting close to your angry partner may annoy you at first, but a few weak moments of angry words could turn the argument into an arousing experience.

2. Hold your partner firmly (but don’t hurt them)

Is the fight getting out of control? Is your partner slapping your arm or pushing you away? This is probably a good time to hold your partner firmly and get even closer. And if you feel the surge of anger turn into arousal, you’re probably ready for angry sex.

But remember this, kiss your partner only if your partner partially reciprocates within a couple of tries. Sometimes, one of you may be too upset for make up sex, especially if you’ve gone and slept with someone else.

3. Your partner reciprocates

If your partner responds to your kiss by kissing back angrily, or even with passionate silence, don’t wait. Take your partner right there. Make up sex is usually a quickie, and not a romantic bonding bang.

4. Apologize

Apologies come easy when you’re passionately locked in a sexual embrace. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the wrong or right, apologize in the heat of the moment and your partner will soften up or apologize back to you.

When you indulge in passionate make up sex, it’ll feel a lot easier to forgive each other or put things aside to talk about at a later, calmer time. And passionate apologies are more of a turn on while having sex, just like dirty talking.

5. Talk about your feelings – calmly

When you and your partner have passionate sex after a fight, your defenses are down and so is your ego. You’ve apologized already. Now talk about your differences or about your deepest, happy feelings. Have sex, don’t slow down, but don’t stop talking either. Say whatever you feel like to each other, and soon you’ll learn that sex makes truthful communication feel like a walk in the park.

6. Take out your anger

If you’re still angry with your partner, get angrier. Slap around, claw each other and do whatever it takes to release the tension and the anger that’s built up inside of you. You’ll feel more aroused with each angry push, and yet, feel better with each thrust. However, it goes without saying that you should never go too far. Never intentionally hurt your partner, and if they tell you to stop, listen and do what they say. Make up sex might be a bit angry, but it’s not designed to hurt or upset anyone.

After the make up sex …

Make up sex can help both of you open up more and connect better on an emotional level. You’ll be more truthful and more easily forgiving, which makes communicating with each other so much simpler and easy.

Don’t wait for a fight to test this. The next time you’re making love, talk about your feelings with each other. You’ll realize how much closer communicating in bed will bring both of you.

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