How to Know If You’re Being Fooled by the One You Love

How to Know If You're Being Fooled by the One You Love

A fool and his money are soon parted – and there’s nothing worse than being fooled by the one you love, whether it’s your husband, wife, or partner of 20 years. How do you know if you’re being fooled by the one you love? It can be tough to figure out because your mind will often protect itself from the truth in order to preserve what you already have. These 10 ways to know if you’re being fooled by the one you love can help set things straight once and for all, so you can make an informed decision about your future together.

Why do they do it?

We believe in people we love. We rely on them for everything. This can blind us and make it difficult to see what’s really going on around us. But, it’s worth checking in with yourself: How often do you feel uneasy when you’re with your partner? Have they been distant or less emotional lately? Do they spend a lot of time at work, texting friends or hanging out on social media? Do they often seem uninterested in spending time with you?

Don’t let your heart get broken

If you’re being fooled by someone you love, it can be hard to spot it on your own. It might not seem like anything is wrong and everything feels all right. But at some point, you need to really start looking for signs.
You should always trust your gut if something feels off when something in a relationship changes or new people are introduced.

Beware of sociopaths

Never, ever underestimate a sociopath’s ability to deceive you. In fact, it’s best if you have zero contact with them altogether if they have fooled you once. That is what happened with me. I let my guard down just one time and that was enough for him to completely fool me into trusting him again.

Protect yourself online

There are many easy steps you can take to protect yourself when it comes to your digital life. First, set up a complex password with numbers and letters; next, do not open emails from unfamiliar senders. A third step is not accepting friend requests from strangers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The last step is to make sure your computer has antivirus software installed so that you do not download malicious files or links when online.

The fooling technique

1. They always say sorry but never mean it, or seem sincere in their apologies.
2. When you are having a conflict with them, they will get angry and storm off rather than talk about it like an adult. 2. They cheat on you or flirt inappropriately with others in front of you, such as at work, on the internet, or even in person at a bar and then say nothing when confronted about it later on.

Verbal abuse signs

We often assume that if someone is hurting us, it’s because they love us. Or that if someone is lying to us, it’s because they don’t want us to get hurt. These may sound like reasonable assumptions, but when you really stop and think about them for a moment, their logic begins to dissolve.

Abuse words, phrases and phrases

1. If you feel ashamed, embarrassed, or afraid to do anything in front of your partner, then this is a major warning sign. He or she has the power and control over you.
2. They might constantly ask for money or threaten you with violence if you don’t comply
3. The person that loves you will never humiliate you or put you down in public 4. Loving partners respect and listen to each other without fighting 5.


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