How to Tell Someone You Have a Girlfriend without Losing Their Friendship

How to Tell Someone You Have a Girlfriend without Losing Their Friendship

It’s never fun to tell someone that you’re taken or that you have a girlfriend. However, telling your friends or co-workers about your girlfriend can be tricky, and it’s important to do it the right way to maintain your friendships and make sure the girl isn’t at risk of any backlash from jealous peers. Here are How to Tell Someone You Have a Girlfriend without Losing Their Friendship

The ideal time to tell your friend

If you’ve been dating someone and things are serious, it’s time to tell your friends. If you don’t tell them, it’s likely they’ll find out anyway. By waiting too long or hiding who you are dating, they might think something is wrong with her if they never see her around anymore.

Don’t do it online

While it’s certainly convenient to announce your new relationship status on Facebook, you should be wary of doing so online. It might seem innocent enough, but you could ruin long-standing friendships or hurt other people’s feelings by sending out an ill-timed or confusing message. Instead, talk about your new partner in person. Even if you think everyone will understand and support your decision, wait until you know they will before broadcasting that news online.

Do it when there are no other people around

The best way to tell someone you have a girlfriend is in private, and when there are no other people around. That will make it easier on both of you. If it’s at work, after work hours is best. Or even better: don’t tell them right away; let them find out in another way.

Don’t make excuses

If you’re in a serious relationship, people will inevitably ask you when they’ll be seeing your significant other. These questions can come from friends, family and even colleagues—and it may be tempting to make up an excuse as to why you don’t want to hang out, or why your spouse/girlfriend/partner is away on business. Don’t do it! If someone asks about your significant other and you have one, just tell them.

Be brief, honest, but kind

When it comes time to tell your friend that you have a girlfriend, keep in mind that she’s going to be bummed. If you don’t feel comfortable telling her, or if she asks why you aren’t dating her anymore, there is no right way to handle it. Sometimes honesty is difficult but not always necessary. Just be kind and make sure to explain why things didn’t work out so she doesn’t feel like she did something wrong.

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