How to tell someone you like them in the safest way possible

If you want to win someone’s heart without ever letting them know that you’ve already fallen for them, use these steps and wait until you see the reciprocation.How to tell someone you like them in the safest way possible

But at the same time, if these steps aren’t reciprocated, you’d just end up appearing creepy. So take it one step at a time, and don’t skip steps. Build the right scenario, and see how they behave around you.

Do this right, and you’ll truly understand how to tell someone you like them. And in all probability, even win over their heart and make them confess their affections for you instead!

1. Let the excitement show

Every time you see this person, your heart probably skips a beat with excitement. Instead of hiding how you feel, express it casually.

Make it obvious to this person that you’re excited to see them. Wave out and flash a big smile, and let your eyes sparkle with delight. You’re feeling it anyway, so express it instead of hiding it!

A happy expression is always contagious, and over a few days, this person may start to reciprocate your enthusiasm too.

2. Smile and stare

Do you ever feel like just staring at the person you like *especially when they’re looking elsewhere and can’t notice you staring*? Use this to your advantage. Smile dreamily and stare at them now and then. It’s even better if you get caught staring, as long as you turn away immediately as soon as they see you. Just don’t be creepy about it!

By building the flirty eye contact, you’re bound to make them curious, and before you know it, this person may start staring at you more every now and then too.

3. Compliment them

You don’t have to tell someone you like them, directly, if you learn to compliment them the right way – bordering friendly with flirty.

If you want to let someone know that you’re interested in dating them, you need to let them realize that you’re looking at them as a dating potential. If you find something attractive about this person, be it their laugh, the way they speak, or their attire, their fragrance, or anything else, tell them about it.

Complimenting someone is the easiest way to start flirting without appearing like you’re trying too hard. When you compliment anyone about something, it always leaves the person thinking about your compliment fondly. And that means they’d be thinking about you too!

4. Flirt with them

Every time it’s just the both of you, and no one’s around, say something cute or flirty to them. You can start off by complimenting them to begin with.

But always remember to avoid flirting with them when others are around. It would make them feel awkward, which would push this person away from you instead of bringing them closer.

Flirt only when this person is alone with you. It’ll give them a chance to flirt back without worrying about someone else overhearing the conversation. After all, friends don’t flirt with each other. So if you do it publicly, you’re not giving them a chance to think of you in any other way.

5. Use the power of touch

The sensation of touch has the power to make any of us feel weak with sexual attraction, and almost always, we can’t help it. you’re wondering how to tell someone you like them, the next time you’re with this person, don’t pat them on their back aggressively or casually like friends do.

If you’re pointing something out, gently place your palm over theirs. If you want to take a look at something they’re showing, casually place your arm around their lower back. These are just a few places that will definitely send a shiver of sexual excitement down their spine.

6. Start speaking over the phone

If you want to tell someone you like them and make them like you first, you need to build a closer bond with them.

Call this friend over the phone now and then. Everyone prefers texts over calls these days, and we only get on a call with someone we’re close to. So by making sure you bond well enough to start talking over the phone, you’ve subconsciously making your friend realize they’re closer to you than others.

As a few days pass and both of you have a lot of interesting conversations with each other, this person will start to get addicted to speaking with you even without realizing it!

7. Text each other

Text an occasional goodnight text or a good morning one to start with, and now and then, wait for your friend to text you first. Once both of you are comfortable with texting each other often, stretch the texting game longer.

When both of you create a bond while texting, this person would start liking you and even look at you as a dating potential.

8. I miss you

If you don’t meet this friend on a particular day, or they couldn’t make it out with your group of friends, send a miss-you text or tell this person that you missed not having them around when you’re speaking over the phone. It’ll definitely make your friend feel very special, and they’d feel closer to you too.

9. All your attention

Give this friend all your attention when they’re around. It’ll make your friend feel more special and dependent on you. And when you aren’t around, they may even miss your company because no one else makes them feel as special and cared for.

Plus the best part, seeing both of you together all the time may also make all your friends feel like both of you are a couple already. And if your friends feel that way, it’s only a matter of time before one of them expresses it in front of this person.

10. Lingering goodbyes

This is a perfect way to build the romance in your budding relationship. Each time you hug this friend goodbye, don’t let go immediately.

Give them a squeeze that’s just a wee bit tighter and closer, let your hands linger just a bit longer before you slide it off this person’s back. Even if no one else can see the difference, your friend will definitely notice the difference in the way you hug goodbye. And they’ll surely feel good about it.

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