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Uburyo ushobora kubona inshuti nshyashya

Now that you’re a better you, we’ll get to making new friends. So how do you go about it? Just use these tips on how to make friends and you’ll be able to meet some great ones in no time.

For most of us who work all day, making time to find new friends isn’t easy. But it’s definitely possible.

#1 Online communities.

Online communities always have regular meetups where you can meet likeminded people who share your passions and interests. You may think only losers or people with a lot of free time spend hours every day in communities, but you’d be very wrong. Sometimes, forums have the most interesting people who are eagerly looking to build connections with likeminded people.

#2 Join a club.

Do you have a hobby that you’re passionate about? It doesn’t matter if it’s trekking, mountaineering, dance, working out, or even cooking. These days, there are classes for everything. Join a club or a class where you can pursue your passion. There will be several others who share your interests and may warm up faster to you.

#3 Vacation time.

Go on a backpacking vacation around your countryside. You’ll find several other people who would be spending a few days with you. It’ll give you enough time to bond with others even if you’re a rather shy person.

#4 Find circumstances.

It’s easier to talk to someone on a one on one basis when you’re stuck in a shared situation like while waiting in a queue, at a receptionist desk, or even while watching a game at a bar.

#5 Get out there.

Initiate conversations, make small talk using the circumstances, introduce yourself after a sentence or two, join in on interesting conversations without butting in or intruding. Take a chance. You really have nothing to lose, do you?

#6 Eat alone in a public place.

If you don’t have too many friends around, well, you are probably going to be having your lunch alone. But don’t sit in a corner table where no one can see you. Sit down right in the middle of a huge table which has space for many others. By doing that, you’re creating circumstances to talk to others who may eventually share your table with you.

#7 Be more warm in your workplace.

A workplace provides a lot of opportunities to make new friends. If your own colleagues are cold towards you, fret not. Be warm and try to find ways to speak to people from other departments. Perhaps, there may be many others who may love your company.

Things you shouldn’t do with a new friend

Now, if you use these tips, you’d definitely be able to make new friends. But making a new friend is only half the battle won. You need to build the friendship on a solid foundation. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind once you get to know someone better.

#1 Don’t stalk your new friend.

Don’t get overfriendly right at the beginning. If both of you hit it off instantly, good for you. But during all other times, give enough space or your new friend will end up getting annoyed with your sticky attitude.

#2 Don’t impose on them.

Return a call for every call of your friend. Don’t overdo it. If a new friend is ignoring you, give them more space. Call a few times if you really like someone, but if they hang up quickly or don’t bother returning the favor, get the hint.

#3 Don’t create awkward situations.

Don’t bring up conversations that’ll leave everyone around uncomfortable. Why are you avoiding me? How much do you earn? These are never good questions, no matter how long you know a friend.

#4 Try meeting up now and then. Ask this friend if they’d like to catch up over a drink. If they’re busy one week, ask again the next. But if they’re busy again, the odds of becoming good friends may be slim.

#5 Phase the friendship. Don’t get too close too soon, or expect everyone to warm up immediately towards you. A friendship is like an onion. It has to be peeled layer by layer.

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