Is it a squish or a crush

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You might be a little confused about the difference between a squish and a crush. Well, here are some similarities and differences.Is it a squish or a crush

1. You think about them a lot

Whether you have a crush or a squish, you think about that person all the time. You wish you could be with them and share experiences with each other.

2. You want physical closeness

When you’re with your squish, you might want to hang out with them as often as possible. You want to hug them, sit close to them, or even put your arm around them.

But you don’t want anything romantic, like kissing. But for a crush, the feelings are romantic in nature.

3. You love being around them

Usually, a squish is someone you know really well. And a crush can fall into that category too. However, you can have a crush from afar, but not a squish.

You might have a crush on someone who works in the same company as you, but you’ve never talked to them. You can’t do that with a squish.

4. Jealousy

When you have a crush on someone, you tend to get jealous if they talk to or date other people. That’s because they want to be romantically involved with them. But with a squish, there isn’t much jealousy. Sure, there can be, but it’s a lot less common.

Asexual squish

In the asexual community, a squish is kind of like a crush. But since they are asexual, they don’t have any interest in forming a romantic relationship with someone.

To asexual people, it just means that they have a deep connection to another person. It’s an intense feeling of attraction, liking, appreciation, and admiration for the person they want to get to know better.

It’s different from just wanting to be friends with a particular individual. That’s because there is an intensity to their feelings, and they feel elated when they are around the person they have a squish on.

Aromantic squish

Aromantic squishes are very similar to asexual squishes. Aromantic people feel the intense desire to be close, to get to know them better, and to be with that someone, but they have no romantic feelings for them. That’s become “aromantic” means “without romantic feelings.”

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