Learning how to say no by reasoning through it

Nigute wakunda umugabo ukamutera kumva adasanzwe

The vast majority express yes to satisfy others. Be that as it may, eventually, they either wind up letting individuals somewhere near not coming through or act illusively while doing anything it is they said they would, which drives individuals away.

Being worried doesn’t make anybody extremely loved, which is the very reason they said they would get it done, in the first place.

In the event that this is a cycle you are know about, the best way to break it is by sorting out some way to say no. Albeit apparently a terrible word, “no” said in the correct way, isn’t terrible in any way.

Assuming you level up those communicating skills and say no sincerely and with earnestness, nobody will be vexed that you can’t take care of them. They see that saying “OK” will not be helping both of you.

1. Don’t over explain

The way to saying no isn’t to over explain. You don’t need to give somebody your whole timetable or make sense of why you can’t follow through with something. That simply leaves you cleansing all over them.

In the event that you can’t follow through with something, it isn’t on you to make sense of why you can’t. Very much like it is anybody’s privilege to request some help, it is your right to say no. It truly is just straightforward.

2. First-come, first-serve

Foster a the early bird gets the worm strategy. In the event that you have expressed yes to somebody and, someone else requests something later, go by the early bird gets the worm strategy. Quit attempting to revise everything in your life to oblige everybody’s requirements.

It is ideal to keep a substantial timetable, and, when full, you can’t do much else. Continually moving things around or moving your obligations leaves you pushed, exhausted, and presumably prompts you failing and letting individuals down.

It isn’t your obligation to work around every other person’s timetable. On the off chance that they request some help, make it fit your life, not the reverse way around.

3. Offer an alternative date/time/situation

If someone asks you for a favor and you can’t do it, find out if there is another time that you can help them out. Sometimes things can be flexible and sometimes they can’t.

Giving people the option to find another time for you to help is not exactly like saying no, rather it is saying “maybe another time.” If they can’t do it any other time, at least you tried to do more than just say “no.”

4. Realize if they are mad… it is their problem

If you continually say yes to get people to like you, then you aren’t doing it for the right reasons. It only leads you down the road to misery.

If someone makes you feel like they will be upset with you if you can’t do something, then they aren’t really concerned about your feelings at all. Why try to make someone happy if they don’t care about how you feel?

Doing things to make others happy or out of fear, never leads you to find happiness. It ends up making you feel empty.

5. Try negotiation

In the event that somebody believes you should follow through with something, try bringing it down a little. For instance, in the event that they inquire as to whether you can drive their kid to a party and you as of now have an entire day, then inquire as to whether you can head to the movement and they get.

On the off chance that that doesn’t work, then inquire as to whether they can do something different consequently to alleviate your burden some other time or day.

Exchange is an incredible instrument to assist you with feeling objectified. After some time, assuming all you at any point do is say OK, in any event, when you would rather not, you start to feel objectified.

It will have a genuine outcome on your confidence. Giving something to acquire something is a considerably more impartial framework for your mind

Learning how to say no by reasoning through it
Learning how to say no by reasoning through it
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