Reasons you can’t stop loving someone

You might think that it’s absolutely impossible to stop loving someone you can’t have a relationship with. So, if you feel stuck in a place where you think you’ll never move on, here are some of the reasons why you feel that way.

1. They are still perfect in your eyes

When we fall in love, in the beginning, we see our partners through rose-colored glasses. And each person is on their best behavior. But as time goes on, that tends to wear off.

However, when there is an unwanted breakup, those rose-colored glasses tend to come back. You can only remember the good times and all the amazing qualities of your ex.

2. You blame yourself for the breakup

Maybe you really screwed up. If you cheated, lied, or otherwise betrayed your partner then you probably carry around a lot of guilt. You might be beating yourself up over your actions.

Whether or not you really did cause the breakup doesn’t even matter. If you think you did, then you will act and think as if it’s true.

3. They are still your main focus

If your ex is all you can think about, then you leave no room in your life for anything good to come into it. Keeping your ex and the breakup as your main focus isn’t allowing you to move past it. You have to distract yourself with other things in order to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you.

4. You believe you are not good enough for anybody else

If you have low self-esteem or were in an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship, then you will probably think that no one else will want you.

First of all, this is totally untrue and ridiculous. Of course, someone else will want you! And second of all, don’t let that negative self-talk dominate your thoughts and your life.

5. You’re still in contact with their friends and family

Maybe you were really close to their friends or family members, so you still talk to them. This keeps you tied to the person you want to stop being in love with.

You are trying to stay in their world and not have anything change. Plus, it probably feels like you aren’t just breaking up with someone, but their friends and family too.

6. You were completely immersed in the relationship

Some people make their relationship the center of their universe. When this happens, then sometimes they lose touch with their friends and stop doing the things they enjoy.

If you were totally wrapped up and immersed in the relationship, then you might not know what to do with yourself anymore. It was your only focus, and now it’s gone.

7. It causes old trauma and heartache to resurface

Maybe you’ve had a lot of trauma in your life. Whether it was from childhood or a past romantic relationship, a breakup will likely bring all of that heartache back to the surface.

So, not only are you dealing with trying to stop loving your ex, but you are also trying to deal with sorting through all those overwhelming emotions that it brings up too.

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