Signs he thinks you are out of his league

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You might think it’s silly that he thinks you’re out of his league, but he probably doesn’t. So, just to be sure that he really does think that, look for these signs.

1. You make more money than he does

Maybe you are really successful in your career. You have achieved a fancy title, traveled around the world, and you currently manage a lot of people. Meanwhile, his job is a little less glamorous.

He is more of an “average Joe” when it comes to his career. That might make him intimidated by you. He probably thinks you want a man who makes a lot more money than he does.

2. You are more educated

Maybe you have a college degree from a competitive school, or even a master’s degree or Ph.D. Believe it or not, that can scare some guys. They think you are super intelligent, and he wonders if he would bore you.

Can he keep up his end of the conversation with you? He is probably wondering about that if you are more educated than him. 

3. A lot of guys chase you

He has noticed that guys seem to fall at your feet. You are always “fighting off” guys who try to DM you on social media or come up to you in bars all the time. He’s even convinced your guy friends want you too. So, if he thinks he has a lot of competition, then he probably thinks you are out of his league.

4. He seems shy

It’s difficult for shy guys to ask girls out. They want to, but a lot of them lack the self-confidence to do so. If he seems like a quiet, shy guy, then he probably thinks most girls are out of his league – especially you.

5. Your personality

If you have a very outgoing, funny, extroverted, and confident personality, then that could be scary to him too.

Not that you scare him, but he might think that his personality can’t match up to yours. If everyone loves you, then he knows you can have any man you want.

6. Your looks

Well, there is an obvious sign that he thinks you’re out of his league. If you’re hot, then he probably thinks you’re out of his league.

You would think most guys would chase after the hot girls, but they don’t know if they can catch one. So, sometimes it’s just easier for them to not even try.

7. You are older than him

We’ve all heard of the cougar – the hot older women who like younger men. So, if you’re older than him, he probably has a huge crush on you. But since you are more experienced in life than he is, that can make him feel like an inadequate kid.

8. You are younger than him

On the flip side, if the guy you like is significantly older than you, he might consider himself an “old man.” And in his mind, he probably can’t get a young, hot chick anymore. Regardless of whether you think he can, he might think that your youth makes you better than his maturity.

9. You have a better car or house

If both have been to each other’s houses and yours is clearly bigger, nicer, and more expensive, then that might make him feel embarrassed.

Maybe his house is a lot smaller and modest. And then if your car is better than his, then that is really a problem for guys. Especially those who pride themselves on their cars.

10. You like expensive things

He notices that when you go out to restaurants, you always order expensive bottles of wine. And you even like the expensive restaurants.

You also might have high-end purses, clothes, and manicures. He might not think that he would be able to afford you if the two of you were dating

signs he thinks you're out of his league

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