Signs of a fake friend you should never overlook

We realize it might seem like tracking down an extremely elusive little thing, yet have confidence, when you become familiar with these signs, it’s more similar to tracking down an elephant in a sheaf. You have this!

1. They’re often envious of you

Something you usually notice immediately in new friends is their compassion and energy. If they give off envious and jealous vibes, then that should be a red flag.

Chances are, your fake friends would take that jealousy and use it as fuel for their fake friend empire. They are going to take you down any chance they get. Get out while you still can.

2. They have an air of negativity

If they can’t be happy for you, then kick them out of your social circle. This is a sure-fire sign of a fake friend. Good friends always amp you up.

They should never be making you feel insecure, question your life decisions constantly, or who you are as a person.11 Best Great Gifts for Dads Who Deserve the Best

3. They talk about others behind their backs

If they always seem to be gossiping about another friend to you, the chances of them doing the same behind your back are pretty high. They can’t be trusted.

Sometimes, we need to vent about our friends, but if they make us think that someone always seems to be wronging them, they are probably a fake friend.

4. They cancel plans often and without much thought

We hate to break it to you, but if this becomes a trend, they are constantly choosing other things and people over you. That’s one of the big flaky signs of a fake friend that you probably don’t see.

You aren’t a priority to them, know that you deserve friends who make you their priority. They only want to be your friend when it is convenient for them. To hell with ‘em!

5. They are experts at giving the guilt trip

Of course, they drop designs constantly. However, when you do likewise, World War III emits. This returns to them being envious, and they will be irate on the grounds that you’ve found different activities that do exclude them.

This is a significant sign that they are a phony companion. Additionally, they suck.

6. They will always try to be better than you

This is a BIG one. A fake friend will always try to drag you down to make themselves look better. They cannot stand the idea that you’re succeeding at something, no matter what it is.

They will always try to go one better and make it very obvious they’re somehow superior. Of course, they’re not.

7. They make you feel inferior

Fake friends are often very insecure people. They feel the need to be friends with a lot of people at once for the feeling of acceptance and popularity.

They need to be the superior being, so they may choose to make you feel bad about yourself – even though you are clearly fantastic!

fake friends

8. They are often passive-aggressive

They’ll never be outright rude to you. They need to cover their butt somehow, right? They will give you backhanded compliments that seem nice at first. But, they are actually dirty and mean, once you dig a little bit deeper and see their true colors.

Don’t trust them for one second.

9. They’re never wrong – or so they think

They will literally never admit that they are in the wrong. Don’t hold your breath for that one. After all, they were made with perfection in mind, right?

They constantly look for other people to blame for their bad behavior or things going awry in their lives, even if it is clearly their own fault.

10. They love a spot of drama

A phony companion will flourish off show. It might appear as though they are generally in a spat with a person of some kind or another, and that is on the grounds that they are. Counterfeit companions have an approach to getting found out – that is the reason they need such countless companions.

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