Signs you’re missing someone no longer in your life

Maybe you’re not sure what this strange, yearning feeling is. If you think it might be because you’re missing someone, these signs will tell you. Signs you’re missing someone no longer in your life

1. You’re constantly thinking of them

The person who is no longer around is always on your mind. The smallest things trigger a memory and you might start to feel teary-eyed and emotional.

Know that this is a very normal reaction to a big change in your life. Over time, it will get easier.

2. Your eating habits have changed

When you’re going through a heartbreak or loss, it’s very easy for your eating habits to change. You might not want to eat, you might lose your appetite altogether. Or, perhaps you’ll find that you’re eating more, trying to fill the void inside.

Although it’s difficult when you’re in the midst of missing someone, try and focus on health. Eat your meals and make sure they’re healthy at the same time.

You need to look after yourself, even if you’re hurting inside.

3. You have a sense of loneliness

Whether it’s a friend you’re missing, someone who has passed away, or a former lover who you’re no longer with, when you miss someone, you feel lonely for a while.

You could be surrounded by many people, but they’re not the people you want to see right at that moment. You’re missing the presence of that person and as a result, you’re lonely.

4. You’re stuck in the past

This is very likely to be the case after a breakup when you start to miss your ex. You become stuck in the past and start reliving all your happy memories. You might also convince yourself that everything was rosy, when in reality, you were fighting all the time.

5. You have a sense of longing

The feeling of longing is very hard to describe, but it’s something that you can feel in your gut. You want that person in front of you. You can’t stand them not being there.

Feeling a longing sensation is very common when you miss someone, especially during the first few days and weeks.

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