Text Conversation Starters For The Shy & Socially Awkward

Text Conversation Starters For The Shy & Socially Awkward

Thankfully, there are plenty of text conversation starters you can choose from. Some of these are actual sentences you can copy word-for-word while others are simply guidelines you can use to get creative on your own.Text Conversation Starters For The Shy & Socially Awkward

The bottom line: these will help you get that conversation rolling and take the pressure when the cursor is blinking and your mind is blank!

Let’s start with a few ideas, and work ourselves down to a list of examples you can use as a conversation starter while texting anyone you like.

1. Send a meme you think they’d find funny

Memes are by far the best thing for getting a conversation started. It really only takes sending a single image to start talking. You can even send them memes that remind you of them. The point is to start the conversation without even actually saying anything. Let them reply and go from there.

2. Ask a question about their hobbies

People love talking about stuff they enjoy. And if you know their hobbies, then you know what they enjoy. It doesn’t take much to get someone chatting about the stuff they do in their free time. Ask them questions about it and what they like most. They’ll probably carry the conversation from there.

3. Discuss something major going on around you

This can be anything from big world news to something more specific to where you live. If you find common ground, you’ll be able to get the conversation going easily.

Everyone has an opinion about what’s going on. Get them talking about theirs.

4. Follow up with something they told you about

If they told you they’d be going to a concert Saturday, text them on Sunday asking about it. Not only does this show you’ve been paying attention, but it’s one of the text conversation starters that allows them to really do the bulk of the work.

5. Tell a joke

Everybody loves jokes. You can even tell cheesy ones if you want. It doesn’t have to be anything major. Just look up some funny jokes online and send one their way.

You’ll be able to laugh about how horrible it is and the conversation will carry from there.

6. “I just saw the funniest video I think you’d love”

This is great if you’ve been watching some YouTube videos or Instagram reels and want to share something with them. It starts a conversation and also gives you something very specific to talk about.

7. “Hey! What’s the name of that band you were talking about last week?”

Opening with this is a perfect way to start a conversation because there are so many places to go from there. You can also alter this to better fit with something you know they were talking about. Clearly, not everyone will have told you about a band last week.

8. “Have you ever been skydiving?”

This might seem like an out of the blue question, but it’s great because they don’t know the context of it. Maybe you’re thinking about doing it. Maybe you just saw someone else do it. You can talk about how it went if they did and if they want to if they haven’t ever been.

9. “I can’t believe what’s going on right now”

This can be in relation to world news or an event what’s happening where you live. It’s a pretty simple statement but it opens the door to a longer, deeper discussion.

10. “Lol! This is totally something I can see you doing”

Send this text along with a meme or video of someone doing something funny. Just make sure that it’s something that the other person would actually do. Otherwise, it’s kind of pointless.

Making them laugh and relating something to them will definitely get a reply and start a fun conversation.

11. “I don’t know what to have for dinner, any suggestions?”

This is a genius idea when it comes to text conversation starters because not only does it come out of the blue, but it might also lead to you asking them to join you for dinner, either at home or in a restaurant. You never know, it might be the start of something beautiful!

12. “Any Netflix suggestions?”

It’s casual, it’s fun, it’s nothing too suggestive, but it could lead to a long conversation about new suggestions and favorite shows. Of course, if this is someone you’re kind of seeing or crushing on, it could also lead to Netflix & chill!

13. “What are your plans for the weekend?”

It’s innocent enough but the fact you’re asking shows that you’re not only interested but possibly going to suggest something you could do together. It’s also not a closed question, which means they have to give you more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

14. “Any suggestions for relieving stress?”

You’re kind of fishing for sympathy here because when someone texts you a question like this, you’re obliged to ask them why they’re stressed.

Either way, you might get some great tips and a conversation out of it! Out of all the conversation starters for texting, this one has potential for a long chat.

15. “What’s the best bit of your day so far?”

This is better than “hey” for sure, and it’s more than “how are you,” which makes it a great text conversation starter. Hopefully, they’ll say that their high point was you texting them but even if you don’t get that reply, you’ll get a longer conversation out of it at least.

16. “I saw your post on Facebook, tell me more!”

Obviously, to use this one you’ll need to have seen something interesting or controversial they’ve posted on social media. Rather than commenting on the post, texting them means you’ll get a more in-depth chat out of it and you’ll get the gossip!

17. “How was your meeting?”

It doesn’t have to be a meeting, it can be anything they’ve told you about that’s happening that day. Perhaps it’s a job interview, a presentation, a workout, anything. Asking shows that you were paying attention the last time you talked and that’s impressive in itself.

18. “If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?”

This one might seem random, and out of all the conversation starters for texting we’ve had so far, it’s a little out there. However, the beauty of this particular text is that you can use your imagination. If they ask you why you texted them that question, you can say you were just dreaming of far-flung travel!

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