The 7 Types of Friends You’ll Have in Your Life

The 7 Types of Friends You'll Have in Your Life

Even while not every friend you make will turn out to be your best buddy, making new friends is still absolutely worthwhile. We’ve compiled a list of the seven types of buddies you’ll have throughout your life along with some justifications.

 1. The school friend

They have witnessed you at your best and worst, whether you find this friend in primary or high school (or even TAFE or university). A quick ticket to friendship is surviving exams, relationships, parties, and all the awkward stuff that occurs when you’re a teenager. Once you graduate from college, you could lose touch, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. These relationships will always be unique because you were friends with them before you were cool, you’ve shared some very amazing experiences with them, and you’ve always had your inside jokes.

2. The party friend


Most likely, you made this acquaintance while you were in high school or at college, both places where there is a lot of partying. They are always the last to depart and the first to arrive. They’ve seen you at your most crazy, and perhaps even inspired them.

3.  The work friend

The individual who gets you through those dreadful shifts and makes the staff party worthwhile is your workplace bestie. You probably yell at them when they go on coffee runs without you and send them urgent texts while they’re out from the office. Even if you don’t spend much time together outside of work, your friendship is still fantastic.

4. The older friend

You seek advise from this person when you are perplexed, alarmed, or in need of some energizing. They’ve undoubtedly been in your shoes before, whether you failed a test, are applying for a job, or have finally mustered up the guts to approach that cute barista. There is nothing better than having someone who understands what you’re going through than someone who truly understands.

5. The online friend

Making friends on social media is now quite simple thanks to DMs. When you’re feeling isolated from the outside world due to school or work, talking to individuals online can really help you feel more at home. It is highly alluring to be able to share your life with someone from the convenience of your home and laptop, but keep in mind that you need to look after yourself as well.

6. The bestie


It’s like this friend “gets” you. They never criticize you, they love you without conditions, and they have your back at all times. They will be the first to let you know if you’re being bothersome or acting inappropriately, so this doesn’t mean they are blind to your flaws. Nevertheless, they still love you. They respond to your texts promptly, don’t forget to do anything special for your birthday, and are privy to all of your secrets (and keep them). You always feel wonderful and at ease when you are with this friend. Even though you might not always see them, you always take up where you left off.

7. The frenemy

This person acts just like your best friend, but you don’t truly like each other, like Regina George from Mean Girls. It’s crucial to understand that this friendship is probably best left behind. Perhaps you put up with each other for the benefit of your other pals, or perhaps it’s just easier than walking away. Through this friendship, you’ll learn some really useful life lessons. You’ll gain more self-confidence, create expectations for how friends should treat you, and gain a deeper appreciation for the ones who genuinely have your back.


A friendship may terminate for a variety of reasons, including drifting away, finding new friends with whom you have more in common, or simply being a bad friendship that is best left in the past. Whatever the case, keep in mind to look after yourself (we have some advice here) and never forget that your next closest friend could be right around the corner.

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