The double texting rule of letting go

If someone chooses not to respond to you even after 24 hours, it’s pretty clear they don’t want to respond to you. So what does that mean? It means you need to evaluate your current relationship with them and ask yourself if a double text is worth it!

1. Is it a good friend?

If it’s a good friend and they haven’t responded to you, chances are, they’re not feeling great about themselves, or they just want some alone time. They will respond when they’re feeling more perky and up for a new conversation, and you can pick up on the conversation from there.

But if you’re concerned about them, you can text them again after 24 hours and ask them what’s up or give them a call. But chances are, they wouldn’t be too happy to get another text from you. *because that would only stress them out more!*

2. Is it someone new?

Imagine a scenario where it’s somebody you recently began dating, or somebody you met on the web, or even another companion. What then, at that point? In the event that it’s somebody you don’t know well, set your telephone to the side and leave.

Try not to send a twofold message to somebody who is obviously disregarding you, and couldn’t care less about putting you in a terrible mood. They presumably could do without you, and in the event that you truly do send them another message, they’d just feign exacerbation and brand you as tenacious. Really try to understand, and leave.

In the event that you would like to message them since you’re furious and severe, you can message them three days after the fact, and presumably let them know farewell too. That is not a twofold text, that is you assuming command and telling farewell.

Yet, once more, this won’t do right by you. It makes clearly you’re wounded by them ghosting you, you’re obviously as yet pining over them. Chances are, they couldn’t care less about you, and your text will just leave them with a grin or a chuckle. How could you need to give somebody a chuckle at the expense of your aggravation?

So what’s the best thing you really want to do here? Put your telephone down, whine about it to an old buddy, or simply keep yourself occupied. Don’t message them at any point in the future on the off chance that somebody you as of late met doesn’t message you back even following 24 hours.

When can you start double texting someone?

The simple answer – When you trust them. If this is someone you know well, or hang out with often in real life, go blow their phone up with a hundred memes, texts, and voice messages. They won’t care. They may laugh or call you crazy, but they still love you and it’s all in good jest.

Of course, the real question is, why would you blow someone’s phone up with a hundred texts in the first place. Do you really have nothing better to do? But all said and done, if you’re close to someone and both of you know each other very well, it’s completely fine to call them out if they don’t text you back soon.

Why should you learn all the basic rules of double texting?

Unless you seriously want to turn off your crush or seem too eager, we highly suggest following the basic rules of double texting. You’ll scare them off from texting you ever again *who wants to text with someone who floods your inbox, after all?*

The importance of following through with the rules of double texting is so that there’s a mutual exchange of conversation and you don’t end up pushing them off. If you ignore these basic rules and just follow through with what you want, then your dating life will go downhill.

A lot of conversations initially happen over text before getting to that first date, and that’s totally normal. How else are you going to get to know someone better? But just don’t cross the line from cute to clingy by ignoring these double text rules.

The double texting rule of letting go
The double texting rule of letting go
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