The painful signs you’ve made someone a priority when you’re an option to them

The painful signs you’ve made someone a priority when you’re only an option to them

If you’re unhappy with any relationship in your life, there’s a big chance that you’re in a one-sided relationship. Use these signs to find out if you’re giving someone more priority than they deserve in your life. Know The painful signs you’ve made someone a priority when you’re an option to them

1. They expect you to give, but they don’t give back

In a ton of connections, there are “providers” and “takers.” If this individual you are involved with is continuously taking from you offering giving nothing as a trade off, then, at that point, you are most certainly not a need.

They are staggeringly self centered, as a matter of fact. Make an effort not to think about it too literally on the grounds that they most likely can’t focus on anybody yet themselves. They are dependably #1 in their own eyes, and every other person is just in their lives due to their best “get” from them.

2. They constantly let you down even when you have the smallest of expectations from them

These kinds of people are completely unreliable. They are flakey and will cancel plans, show up late, or completely ghost you sometimes. You get incredibly frustrated with them because the things they let you down about are just “normal” common-courtesy things to you.

Some other examples include things like never committing to plans with you until the last minute, not having consistent communication with you, or always putting plans with other people before you. These things are unacceptable, so don’t allow them to do it.

3. You’re just a backup plan in their life when they have nothing better to do

If you feel almost invisible to them unless they are really bored, then you are not a priority. You might look at their social media pages and they are constantly posting photos with other people doing fun things.

Then, when you do get that call to hang out, you know it’s because everyone else in their life was busy. So, in order to entertain themselves, they resort to asking to see you – not because they want to, but because you’re better than nothing. You deserve better than that.

4. They don’t care about your feelings

Even when you emotionally pour your heart out, instead of understanding you or hearing you out, they just argue back or try to justify themselves. They have absolutely no empathy for you *or probably anyone else either*.

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see a situation from their perspective. It’s feeling what they feel. But if they constantly dismiss your feelings, then you are definitely not a priority in their life.

They don’t care about your feelings
They don’t care about your feelings

5. You feel hurt all the time when you’re around this person

At the point when you are in a cherishing, caring relationship of any sort, it ought to feel better. You ought to need to be with the individual since you live it up and feel blissful and elevated.

Thus, assuming that you feel hurt constantly or like they just drained the existence right out of you, then that is not a decent sign. You shouldn’t need to associate with individuals like that. What’s more, in the event that they are that negative and couldn’t care less about harming you, then you are certainly not a need to them.

6. They treat others in a special way and give them a lot of attention, but you are never given any preference no matter how hard you try to please them

You could tolerate their ill bred conduct for some time since you most likely think “that is exactly the way in which they are, so I need to acknowledge them.” in some capacity, that is a decent mentality to have. You can’t change individuals, and you really do have to acknowledge them – to a point. However, provided that they are aware to you.

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Thus, assuming you see them treating others obviously superior to they treat you, that is inadmissible. You should be dealt with similarly as well as any other person on the planet. Yet, this implies that individuals they are treating with more regard are a higher need in their life than you are.

7. You’re always taken for granted no matter how much you try to win their affection

If you’re trying to win their affection, then you need to stop doing that. It’s not worth it. If someone is making you do things for them just to earn their love, then that is ridiculous.

No one should be taken for granted. Everyone should be appreciated and loved. So, you shouldn’t allow anyone to treat you in a way that makes you feel disposable. 

8. They are completely selfish and care only about themselves

They always put their own needs before yours, and they try to manipulate you all the time. No one likes a selfish person. They are energy vampires and they leave you feeling resentful because they never care about your needs.

When you’re in a relationship, you need to have balance. They need to care about your needs and desires and you need to care about theirs. So, if that’s not happening, that is a bad sign.

9. They don’t tell you – or include you – in important decisions

If you’re in a significant relationship with this person, then you would expect to be clued in on important things that happen in their life. You should be informed about what happens to them or what decisions they are making.

And even worse, if this person is your significant other, then they should be including you in the decision-making process. So, if they are excluding you from these things, you are not a priority to them.

10. You can’t count on them

They could say a certain something however do another. Their words and activities don’t coordinate. You couldn’t say whether they will show up when they say or totally finish the activities they guaranteed.

For instance, on the off chance that you got a punctured tire and called them for help, they could take significantly longer to appear than they guaranteed. Or on the other hand, they probably won’t actually appear by any means. At the point when you realize that they don’t have you covered, then you are most certainly coming up short on their need list.

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