The strongest signs that define the meaning of love in a relationship

The strongest signs that define the meaning of love in a relationship

Now we’ve debated what the true meaning of love is and know that it’s a very blurry subject to pinpoint. How can you tell that you’re actually in love?The strongest signs that define the meaning of love in a relationship

There’s no firework-laden moment when it happens, and sometimes it actually creeps into your life without you even noticing it until a few months or even years later. Let’s look at some signs that you might actually be in love.

1. They’re the ones who make you feel better

If something happens to you, or you just have a bad day, they’re the ones who make you feel better and bring a smile to your face like no one else can.

2. You value their opinion

Even for something as simple as wanting to know if your outfit looks good, you value their opinion over everyone else’s. Although, remember that your own opinion is just as important too!

3. When they’re ill or upset, your heart literally aches

The real meaning of love is true and complete empathy. If you see your love in any kind of pain, it’s almost too much for you to bear. Your ultimate goal would automatically be taking their pain and upset away, even if you know that you can’t. That’s probably the true definition of love right there.

4. You’re their biggest supporter

Whatever they do in life, you’re their biggest cheerleader, and want them to succeed beyond everything else. It makes you feel proud of them whenever they do well.

It’s a pure example of love when, as Rabbi David Wolpe said, “it is when one person believes in another person and shows it,” and that it “is a feeling that expresses itself in action.” Having a supportive mate can make one feel confident.

5. When you’re with them, you feel your best

You’re happier, lighter on your feet, smile more, and generally feel your best when you’re around them. They take away your worries and help you to feel content. It’s not even just about sexual activity, but you genuinely just want their presence and company.

6. If you’re away from them, you don’t feel right

While it’s normal to be away from your partner in some situations, if you are away from them for any length of time, you feel like something is missing, and it doesn’t right itself until you’re reunited.

7. You know that you would do anything for them

The term “anything” should be taken with a pinch of salt here, but if asked to do something, you would consider it.

Of course, it depends on what that thing is, but you would move heaven and earth if you could – sometimes without them even asking you to. That’s just what unconditional love is.

8. You see your future with them

The meaning of love is when you see them in your whole future. When you look forward, you see them in your life and see the two of you together, building a life. That future doesn’t have to be the traditional type, but if they’re in the vision you have, that’s a good sign. 

9. You feel upbeat and more positive

When you’re with them, you just feel happy and behave positively. They inject a sense of happiness and joy into your day, and it’s a great feeling to have.

10. You’re not going through emotional rollercoasters all the time

Don’t worry if the ups and downs slowly ebb away. This is normal! It means you’ve moved past the “not being sure where you stand” stage. You’re now in love, happy, and content.

Of course, love can still make people crazy occasionally— either with euphoria or jealousy, but this shouldn’t be the overriding theme.

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