The Top 10 Ways to Be the Best Brother

Inzira 10 Zambere Nziza Zo kuba Umuvandimwe Mwiza

When you’re a big brother, it’s your job to show your little sister the ropes of the world. It’s also your job to ensure that she stays out of trouble, learns from her mistakes, and never gets hurt along the way. To this end, below are 10 ways to be the best brother possible.

1) Don’t interrupt

1. When you’re playing with your brother, don’t interrupt him when he’s trying to talk. It can be hard not knowing what someone is saying, but if you stop them before they’ve said anything, it doesn’t help anything at all.

2. Listen to your brother when he talks and make sure that his voice is louder than yours when you talk back so that he knows that you care about what he has to say.

2) Listen carefully

Listening is not only essential in everyday life, but is also a crucial skill for being a great brother. However, you may have had bad experiences with hearing people and been made fun of when you talk or listen. It doesn’t need to be this way though. Learn how to listen and talk in different ways so that people will want to listen and hear what you have to say.

3) Play with them

Everyone wants their sibling to play with them. What I have found is a game of hide and seek or a treasure hunt or basically anything will do. Remember, it’s not all about you when it comes to playing. One way is if they’re very young, provide them with toys and read them stories. Remember even if your little brother or sister can’t talk, that doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t want someone to play with.

4) Enjoy family time together

Spending time with your family, doing things that you all enjoy and simply spending quality time together is one of the best things you can do. Watch TV or a movie, go to the game or take a hike in the woods. Just get together and enjoy each other’s company.
No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to be there for your siblings when they need you.

5) Love them unconditionally

One of the best ways to show your brother that you love them is to unconditionally accept them for who they are. Even if your brother does something you might not like, don’t dismiss him. Try to see their point of view and forgive him for what he did wrong in the past. If he asks for advice or help, offer up some of your wisdom and do it without judgement.

6) Teach them stuff they want to know

Having a brother can be great, but it can also be difficult. Growing up with a sibling who has had your back for all these years is so valuable. Find out how you can make that person feel as special as they have made you.

7) Give them space

1. Send an email wishing your brother a happy birthday and attach a funny photo of you two.

2. Offer to show him how to do something he’s interested in, even if it’s just watching a YouTube video together.

3. Participate in family traditions together, like going on Thanksgiving or Christmas trips with family members or checking out your favorite hangout spot from when you were growing up with him.

8) Help when they need it (when you can!)

Being the best brother is about more than making them a sandwich or dropping them off at soccer practice. Learn how to care for and be supportive of your brother in these ways:
(1) When they’re stressed, take their mind off it by playing with them.
(2) Support their dreams no matter what.
(3) Find things you can do together that are meaningful and meaningful only to the two of you.

9) Have fun outside with them

Kick a soccer ball around, go on a bike ride, play hide and seek with them under your bed (just don’t break anything while they’re down there), give them a piggy back ride. You can also play peek-a-boo, draw pictures with them, or watch an episode of their favorite show.

10) Let them know how proud you are of them


I couldn’t be more proud of my little brother. He is so talented, hardworking, and just overall one of the best people I know. He has such a bright future ahead of him and I’m excited to see what he does with it. Seeing all that he’s accomplished up until now makes me feel confident in his future success. I’m so happy that he’s as passionate about his career as I am mine!
Happy early birthday! We love you so much and are excited for everything you have yet to do with your life!
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