The worrying signs of a controlling relationship

10 tell-tale signs that you're dating a playboy

In the event that you notice only one of these signs periodically, don’t overreact! All of us are somewhat hard to manage here and there, we’re human all things considered. That could mean your accomplice has a terrible day and says or accomplishes something on this rundown, however it doesn’t mean they’re controlling. Maybe you do the equivalent at times!

What you ought to be worried about is on the off chance that you see a few indications of a controlling relationship on this rundown and quickly remember them as happening to you consistently.

Assuming that is the situation, ponder your best course of action.

1. They make you feel guilty when spending time with friends

You’re going to see your friends? But what about me? Ugh, there’s plenty of time for them. Listen, if they’re upset that you spend time with your friends, that’s a problem.

In a healthy relationship, your partner should encourage you to spend time apart from them so you see your friends. They have friends as well that they want to spend time with. If your partner doesn’t have any friends, it’s a very clear sign something’s wrong with them.

2. They want you to change

You’re too fat, too thin, your hair is dull. It’s continuously something special. In controlling connections, they won’t ever be content with what you look like. You’ll have to continually be changing yourself to satisfy them. Furthermore, learn to expect the unexpected. It won’t ever be sufficient.

Assuming that somebody truly prefers you, they won’t attempt to change what your identity is. All things considered, that pulled in them to you in any case.

3. It’s all about the small things

You may not remember it immediately on the grounds that this can be depicted as being strong. Be that as it may, it’s not. Is it safe to say that you are truly going to wear that today? That is the way in which you wash your garments? That is the thing you do in your leisure time? These are little minor remarks.

In any case, they make you re-think what you’re doing and on the off chance that you’re settling on the best choices. Your accomplice will attempt to persuade you that they’re assisting you with grasping the correct approach to everyday life.How to Ask a Guy If He’s Seeing Someone

4. They don’t trust you

Do they insist on having your social media passwords? Do they comment on everything you post and who commented on it? Call you when you’re with your friends to see how you’re doing?

Yeah, they’re not doing that because they’re concerned about you. They’re concerned about themselves.

They don’t trust you. If they did, they wouldn’t be keeping such close tabs on you. And if you think it can’t get any worse, this untrustworthy behavior is just the beginning of a controlling relationship.

5. They want to protect you – but protection can go too far

We all have crap going on in our lives, and though all relationships do include some sort of protection, your partner is probably taking it to a whole other level.

Is your partner’s protective nature supportive or are they controlling everything you’re doing in the name of protecting you? Because if it’s the latter, it’s called trying to make you dependent on them.

6. Refuses to hear your point of view

Do you have an opinion? Do they stop you from voicing it? Of course, they do. They don’t care about what you have to say. If someone is preventing you from speaking your mind, well, that’s a control mechanism.

7. They make you indebted to them

Do they buy you anything you want? Take you out for expensive dinners? Sure, they may seem as if they’re very romantic and caring, but nothing comes for free with them.

Beware, they’ll make you feel like you owe them something in return, that you’re indebted to them. It won’t be so easy to get out of the relationship because you’ll feel burdened with guilt.

8. You feel like you’re going insane

Do you feel like you’re losing your mind? Your partner is probably trying all the tricks in the book, including trying to alter your reality. Sounds intense, right? It’s a method called gaslighting.

This method involves your partner altering your reality and making you second guess your perception.

For example, you may have had a fight with your partner last week. They’ll tell you that that didn’t happen because you didn’t see each other last week.

9. They demean your goals

You’re going to that school? The fact that good of an entertainer makes it not even that great, or don’t go for that play, you not. A sound relationship comprises of two individuals supporting each other in no matter what.

In any case, in a controlling relationship, your accomplice attempts to drive you away from finishing your objectives to control you.

10. They want you all to themselves

Everybody needs an individual existence to themselves. Perhaps you need to go to yoga class or read a book at the recreation area. Indeed, your accomplice won’t allow that to occur.

They attempt to cause you to feel remorseful that you want uninterrupted alone time and that you don’t adore them. Re-energizing your batteries having the opportunity to yourself permits you an opportunity to think, and they don’t need that.

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