Tips on setting relationship goals.

Tips on setting relationship goals.

If you are wondering how to have relationship goals, set your relationship goals keeping the following aspects in mind:

1. Always set long term and short terms goals

This means that you must set some big relationship goals and some daily, quick ones to keep a balance. Make sure you don’t lose sight of one set of goals for another.

2. Decide an action plan

Now that you have decided on the goals for your relationship, discuss action plans to help you achieve them.

3. Discuss goals at a set duration

First, you must always start setting goals at a fixed time of the year. Next, you can also set out time to discuss the achievability of these goals from time to time.

4. Avoid getting competitive

Since you both have set a target, it might come to a point where one partner feels they are giving their all to the relationship while the other partner isn’t. Don’t allow such thoughts to creep in.

5. Have fun during the journey

Don’t get too serious. The whole idea is to make the relationship healthy. So, please don’t take it as an annual Power point presentation of the workplace. In the end, you are doing it for your relationship.

How to support each other to achieve relationship goals

Setting goals and achieving them is a long process and not just an action you can complete in a day.

So, make sure you are always there for your partner and help them with the things they lack. Remember, you both are doing it as a team, and unless you do it together, support each other through the downfalls, it won’t be a success.

Support your partner by talking to them openly about their difficulties, helping them wherever they are lacking, and showing them trust when they feel gloomy. This will help keep the spirits high and keep the purpose of your relationship alive.


An actual love relationship is never romantic. It knows that we are typically incomplete beings, and seeking perfection in a relationship is like adding poison to a well.

The pursuit of perfection in your spouse and in the marriage itself will slowly go through all aspects of the relationship as you will no longer be happy or satisfied simply because your marriage does not fit the “perfect” mold.

The main goal is to enjoy the process with your partner and garner love in the relationship.

Love is not just about hugging, kissing, or bathing someone with gifts. A genuine love relationship in marriage revolves around making a conscious decision to accommodate someone, even in their weakest or most vulnerable state.

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