Why are some people just not that social?


If a person isn’t naturally social, that might make them feel like they are an outcast. Remember high school? The popular ones were usually more social. And the ones who didn’t have many friends kind of went unnoticed sometimes. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – it just is what it is.

But let’s take a look at why some people aren’t social.

1. They are an introvert

Introverts feel more charged up and energetic when they spend time alone. Being around other people drains them. So, it makes sense that introverts would be less social. They feel better that way.

2. They are shy

Now, being introverted and being shy aren’t necessarily the same thing *although they can be related*. You can be an introvert, but not shy. Shy people have a fear of social interaction. Therefore, they tend to shy away from people *no pun intended*.

3. They don’t have enough good friends

Someone may be an extrovert *or a social introvert*, but for some reason, they haven’t made enough good friends to be social with. It could be temporary, or it just could be a result of circumstances.

4. Their job isolates them

Maybe they work in an office building and there are only two other people there with them. It’s more difficult to make friends when your work setting is naturally isolating. Perhaps they work from home and in that case, being and feeling isolated is pretty common.

5. They’ve just moved to a new area

Anyone who has moved knows that it’s difficult to start over and create a new group of friends – even if you’re an extrovert. So maybe you’ve just moved, and you just haven’t had a chance to expand your social circle.

6. They are depressed

When someone is clinically depressed, it naturally makes them not want to socialize. It could be a combination of brain chemistry factors and/or life circumstances.

7. They wait for people to reach out to them

If someone is introverted, they may not naturally be the ones to call up people and ask them to hit the bars. They may say “yes” if someone asks them, but maybe they are not the initiator. Even an extrovert may not be much of a social initiator either.

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