Why do I feel so sad?

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Other people don’t have that ability. Instead, they let what happens to them affect them on a much deeper level. When this happens, it’s more difficult to move past those feelings and stop feeling sad and become happy again.

As you can see, causes of sadness don’t have as much to do with what happens to you, but rather is dependent upon your own inner ability to move past it.

Differences between sadness and depression

Many people confuse sadness and depression thinking they are the same thing. But they’re not. While the feelings are similar, there are some differences that are important.

As we discussed above, sadness is a temporary state that comes and goes as negative situations also come and go in our lives. Sadness repeats itself in everyone’s lives. But there are also spans of happiness and join in between.

Feelings of sadness aren’t that deep, depending on the circumstances. Of course, the death of a loved one will make your feelings of sadness and grief linger. But usually, the cause isn’t as serious and a person gets over it relatively quickly.

However, if you are feeling sadness for a long time that won’t go away with no known cause, then that’s depression. This requires assistance, support, or maybe even medication.

Depression is chronic, and usually doesn’t ever go away completely.

Depression can make a person take less care of themselves, makes them lethargic, and sleepy affects their appetite. It can make it difficult for someone to take care of themselves. In extreme cases, depression can be accompanied by feelings of suicide

How to stop being sad

Some of us are hit with way more adversity than others. Some handle it while others can’t. The key to knowing how to stop being sad is knowing that nothing lasts forever, which is a good thing.

Sadness and joy both come and go. It is all about riding out the bad and looking forward to the joy.

1. Anticipate the valleys among the peaks

To understand the secret behind knowing how to stop being sad, remember that life is full of peaks and valleys. In other words, no one lives life always joyous. But, in the same respect, no one lives one that is full of nothing but sadness.

Like a camel, you save up the happiness and joyous times in your life to ride out the valleys. If you want to overcome sadness, then learn to manage and recognize the good so that the bad can’t outweigh times of bliss.

2. Find the source driving it

Sometimes we stay sad because we don’t want to deal with or acknowledge what drives our sadness. Constantly pushing things away instead of confronting them head-on is never a good way to go through life.

If you find the origin of your sadness and work through it instead of taking the avoidance route, you will find sunny days ahead.

3. Figure out what benefit you get from your sadness

Sometimes we feel sad because we gain some personal benefit from keeping ourselves stuck in sadness.

If you feel as if you deserve to be sad, then you drive it. Sadness doesn’t stem from anything, and if you are perpetually there, then you gain something from it.

The only way to overcome it is to recognize that the feeling isn’t getting you the result you hoped for and to let it go.

We perform habitual behaviors and have perpetual thoughts because we gain some personal benefit from them. If you figure out what it is, then you find your way to happiness.

4. Find the silver lining, it is ALWAYS there

Where there is stormy weather, there is likely a rainbow. Whatever sad experiences you endure in life, there is always something to take and learn from it.

It might not always be readily available, and sometimes you must seek it out. But, in every bad situation, there is always a lesson. It just takes some training to recognize it and learn from it.

5. Know that there is always someone worse off

You can always take comfort in knowing there is always someone worse off than you.

That is not a “move on, you aren’t the worst off in the world” statement that negates your pain. That is merely a fact. Whatever drives your sadness, it isn’t nearly as bad as what other people worse off endure.

Take the goodness that you can find, and realize that life can always be worse. Enjoy what you have, even if it doesn’t seem all too great at the moment.

6. Recognize that without sadness you couldn’t experience joy

If you had everything go right all the time and your life was perfect, you know what? You wouldn’t have a clue that you were even happy.

You have to know what sadness is to recognize joy. Without the contrast, everything is just monotone.

Being unhappy is never fun, but not ever knowing what happiness is because that is all you have ever experienced is like seeing in only black and white.

Without rough times you have no idea what you miss or how wonderful things can be.

7. Find humor in the un-humorous

If you are sad, then you are probably not seeing the humor in life. Even in the most un-humorous of times, you can find some laughter.

Laughter is not only the best medicine; it is the thing that makes sad times bearable. Find your humanity by finding the humor or even irony in how bad things feel and seem right now.

8. Don’t ever take anything too seriously

The reason why we find ourselves stuck in sadness is that we take things that don’t mean much too seriously.

Sure, whatever goes on right now might be super bad, but if you are stuck in it, then it just might be that you take everything that comes your way, way too seriously.

You only get one go around here, so staying stuck by not letting things go, isn’t doing you any favors if you want to stop being sad.

9. Let go of baggage

If you feel perpetually sad, then there is a good likelihood that you hold onto things that aren’t your responsibility.

Like carrying around a backpack of grievances, if you aren’t making peace with or forgiving things in your past, then it is nearly impossible to find happiness.

If you let your past cloud your future, then you aren’t ever going to find the joy and peace you crave. Put the backpack down, hell, burn it, and learn to forgive and forget to make your sadness disappear.

10. Stop trying to control everything

One of the biggest things that makes you sad is feeling like you must control everything. Unfortunately, life isn’t controllable, and the sooner you recognize that and learn to roll with it, the happier you will be.

Sadness comes from the despair you feel by feeling out of control and helpless. You aren’t helpless, nor can you control things from happening in your life.

If you just say, “fuck it,” and let life do what it is going to do, you will find sadness is a wasted feeling.


Why do I feel so sad?

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