Why do people become obsessive about their partners?


Some people are susceptible to obsession because of their past experiences. How we react is shaped by how we were brought up or what we’ve been through in the past. Here are some of the most common reasons why people become obsessive:Why do people become obsessive about their partners?

#1 Trauma. When a person experiences heartbreak, betrayal, or humiliation, they will develop different defense mechanisms that can help them cope. Obsessive people will try to control their partners by fixating on non-existent issues or transgressions because it gives them some semblance of control.

#2 Social influences. The society also contributes to the paranoia and assumptions of obsessive people. A person can become possessive if he or she bases their thought processes on how society views relationships. They end up expecting the worst because society says it’s inevitable.

#3 Conditioning. How we are raised can also influence our tendencies toward obsession. If you grew up thinking that you’re supposed to react this way, you will undoubtedly apply it to your relationships in your adult life.

#4 Psychological problems. Most of the examples above can go past the extremes when coupled with a personality disorder or a different underlying psychological problem. Obsession is not considered normal behavior. It can never be used in mild contexts because it denotes an overly intense fixation on a person, situation, or mindset.

Is breaking up the only solution?

Breaking up with an obsessive lover is a last resort. If you really care about that person, it’s understandable that you would want to fix things first. You can talk about it with your partner or ask for help from your friends and family, or even a professional.

If you’ve exhausted all your options in trying to change the way your partner is handling your relationship, it’s not just okay, but necessary for you to break up with that person. If they don’t want to fix themselves, there’s no point in staying.

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