Why you shouldn’t meet girls at bars and clubs


Bars are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking to meet women, but these are usually the worst places if you’re seeking something serious and long-term.Why you shouldn’t meet girls at bars and clubs

Sure, bars might even be the number one choice for all ventures into the dating arena because nightclubs and bars provide a regular flow of conquests for the experienced chick magnet. Also, bars are often thought of because there are always women in bars, and the alcohol makes for easy icebreakers.

The problem is women are usually put off by men at bars and clubs. Even if you’re the nicest guy on the block, she’s going to think you’re a d-bag. They assume that you’re just there to mindlessly flirt with any girl and eventually bring her home for the night.

But that’s not you. You’re not flirting with this girl so that you can buy her drinks all night and then have her laugh at you with her girlfriends. Yet, that’s what ends up happening to men at the clubs and bars.

That’s not to say that successful relationships haven’t begun with guys and girls meeting at a bar. It just isn’t common. These are the reasons it’s not recommended. 

1. She’s looking to bone

She’s there for the same reason most men are—to hook up. When people are at a bar or club it’s not usually for a monogamous relationship but a casual encounter.

So, if you were looking to find the right girl, you probably want to look in a different type of place as the women you meet here are not looking for someone to have a serious relationship with.

2. She’s not looking to bone at all

Opposite to the point above, but maybe she’s not at the bar to think about men at all. Sure, you’ll be able to meet many women, but they aren’t going to bars to meet men.

They’re going out because they want to dance, laugh with their friends, and show off their clothes, hair, and makeup to all the other girls.

3. Competition is fierce and unfriendly

This is one of the more annoying qualities of trying to meet a girl at a bar or club. There are about 10 other guys who also vie for her attention. You basically have to get in line behind a lot of men to buy her a drink or steal a dance, and that’s if she doesn’t automatically shoot you down.

4. She thinks you’re a creep

Your friends may know you’re Superman incarnate: badass, fun, charming, and always sensitive to the ladies—but she thinks you’re a total creep.

Guys who choose the cold approach and then hit on girls at bars are more often than not total douchebags, and she knows it.

For this reason, she’s probably going to have her defenses up right away the moment you make eye contact, leaving you no time to charm her with your wit and social commentary.

5. You can’t really get to know a girl well

You are also unlikely to obtain any real idea of what the girl you are talking to is actually like, what with all that deafening music providing the ultimate barrier to communication. Plus, the conversation tends to be very surface-level, which doesn’t lead to a meaningful relationship.

6. Alcohol impairs judgment

Because alcohol often comes into play at these venues, and it impairs the judgment of both yourself and your potential conquest. As the term says, you can get “beer goggles.”

In other words, a girl who is a 3 out of 10 might look like a 10 out of 10 when you’re drunk. This is unlikely to lead you to find the perfect date.

7. You keep seeing the same people

Finally, you have a significant chance when trawling the same old places of bumping into ex-girlfriends, their friends, their family, and anyone else who now thinks that you exist somewhere on the evolutionary scale between sea slugs and vampire bats. And that’s not going to help your prospects now, is it?

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