Your Guide To Get Approved Eye Sculpting Technique

Your Guide To Get Lifted Eyes By An Expert-Approved Eye Sculpting Technique

Makeup trends are growing at a rapid pace and it’s no secret that they come, go and yet come back again with a newer version or twist to it but We are truly in the midst of a makeup renaissance as we see makeup taking a new turn every other day and with every creator or MUA giving their own twist to the look. Makeup has always been multi-layered and glamorous and while we move towards newer trends and looks, we keep on discovering trendy techniques to keep our look right on point. After gym lips, dopamine makeup and more, the next one on the list is eye sculpting. The trend is all about using different techniques to lift and enhance your eyes. Is it drool-worthy? Yes! Is it worth the effort? Absolutely yes. Learn Your Guide To Get Approved Eye Sculpting Technique.

What Exactly Is Eye Sculpting?

Every few weeks, there are literal new techniques and trends on social media that have been making rounds with new names and a 2.0 version.  And the latest one on the block that has grabbed our attention is the eye sculpting technique. The trend is all about shaping the eyes using foundational highlighting and sculpting techniques because “It’s a way to make your eyes look more almond-shaped. It is so popular because it is dramatic, hypnotic and emulates the ‘main character’ energy, ‘do-not-mess-with-me’ look,” tells us makeup artist Nikhar Jivani.

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She further adds, ” It is another favourite trend because we always look for a way to get the lifted non-surgical look through makeup.  The trend is pretty inclusive to all eye shapes as there are ways in which all eye shapes could achieve the look with a bit of tweaking.”

How To Achieve The Look With This Technique?

We love a modern classic look and it definitely has dominated our regular makeup choices but certainly there are days when we want more than just a “regular minimal” look but The trick is easier than we thought it would be and we have got everything decoded for you “Use a kohl or an eyeliner; create a line from the inner corner to the edges of your eyelid and flick the line angled towards the edges of your eyebrows, creating a winged look. The angle should go towards the area where your eyebrow ends or towards the temples of your face.


The entire idea of the trend is to achieve a sculpted, lifted look and is certainly easy to achieve for all eye shapes. “There are many hacks to achieve a lifted look for those who don’t necessarily have almond-shaped eyes. For someone who has hooded eyes, the focus should on elongating the edges of the eyes and the angle of it. The key is to have thin eyeliner placed on the lash line starting from the inner corner of your eyes until you reach the midpoint of your eyelid, and then make the eyeliner slightly thicker on the edges. This technique will give any eyes an illusion of lifted eyes,” explains Nikhar.

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